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Hereby we present you with a guide to defeat all the dungeon bosses in the game. We hope it will help you on your journey through Hyrule!

Dungeon: Skyview Temple

Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim

Ghirahim can take a lot of time if you are not fully aware of what to do, during the first phase the Demon Lord will casually walk towards Link with his hand ready, if you try to strike him he will catch your sword and force you to waggle the Wii Remote in order to free it again. The key is to moving the sword around fast enough to confuse him and when he can no longer keep up you are free to slash away at him. After some abuse the boss will jump back and summon a sword of his own and summon some red darts which he will throw at you. The darts are always in a straight line, so just hit them back at him to avoid damage.

Ghirahim will now also perform a charge that can be very difficult to avoid. Your best bet is to use your shield to block him (perhaps even stunning him in the process) or to hit him with your sword when he is close enough (do remember that he will change direction, so once again you have to aim right). If you manage to stop the boss he is open for a series of attacks. Lastly, you must look out for the demon's teleportation skill, when he does this he will appear right behind Link and ready a sword slash while blocking from one direction. If you spot him you must quickly turn around and hit him from a direction he is not covering.

Dungeon: Earth Temple

Boss: Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera

Scaldera is a pretty easy boss, the fight takes place on a big ramp that is littered with bombs and a small platform with supplies at the top. When the fight starts the monster will spit fireballs at Link, simply dodge them and run up the ramp. Once Scaldera has had enough of that he will give chase, at this point all you have to do is roll a bomb down the slope so that it hits the enemy, it will then roll down the hill and allow you to move down a bit more. Scaldera will then start to inhale air (much like King Dodongo in Ocarina of Time), throw a bomb at his mouth and he will inhale it.

Doing damage like this will slowly break the stone armor Scaldera wears and reveal his eye as the obvious weak-spot. Making him swallow a bomb will also stun the enemy and this allows you to hit the eye or run back up. A secondary attack Scaldera uses is running up the ramp at high speed, you are able to dodge this by waiting at the top or standing underneath its legs when it passes. Once it reaches the top a bomb will surely explode and he will come tumbling down the slope again, stick to the sides and you will be fine. Repeat until done.

Dungeon: Lanayru Mining Facility Boss: Thousand-Year Arachnid Moldarach

We got a quick peek at Moldarach in the trailer and since then very little has changed, this giant scorpion will use his claws to damage you, but he can be beaten by waiting for the claw to open and then hitting the eye that hides within. After sufficient hits the claws will die off, so if the player is fast enough he can escape from this battle rather untouched.The second phase will have our arachnid friend hiding under the sand, quickly switch to the gust jar and blow the sand away to force the monster out of hiding. If you are too late, you can simply follow the movement of the sand to trace Moldarach down again. The final weakspot is the eye in the middle of the monster's head, so whenever it is open Link should attempt a stabbing move. During this part of the fight you must watch out for the tale and the smaller scorpions that pop out of the sand, also mind Moldarach's charging move that can take a total of two hearts if Link is hit.

Dungeon: Sealed Grounds

Boss: The Imprisoned

The Imprisoned is faced several times throughout the story, but the concept is always the same: You must slash away at his toes to make him fall on his back and then hit the pillar on his head several times, repeat until done. However, the twist is that every step sends out a shockwave that will blow Link back and do a lot of damage. The Imprisoned can also use his large posture to block the way, so Link will have to drop down and use the air holes to launch him back to the head. The Second time he is faced The Imprisoned will often climb the walls, but luckily Groose is there to help you out. Call for his aid whenever you want and he will allow you to launch a bomb at the giant and take him down quickly. The third time you face him he will have the power of flight and now the problem is a tad too large to handle, at first Groose can take it down, but after that his bombs have run out. Quickly run up the slope using the geysers and then have Groose fire you at the Imprisoned, land on his head and hit his pillar from here to finish the fight.

Dungeon: Ancient Cistern

Boss: Koloktos

Koloktos may look impressive at first sight, but he is a relatively easy boss when you know what to do. his weak spot is the purple area in the middle of his body, but he guards it with his multiple arms. If you keep moving and pay attention to his movements you will be able to dodge his attacks, when one of his weapons is stuck in the ground you have to take out your whip and latch his arm off, thus weakening his defenses. When you have an opening you have to run up to him and hit the purple area with all your might. After a while Koloktos will lift himself out of his stationary position and wander the battlefield with even more weapons. The trick is to latch his arms off again, but when you have done so also take his giant weapon and use it against him. Simply cut his legs off and keep swinging (You may want to take out his arms just in case), the sword can penetrate his defenses with ease. After sufficient hits Koloktos will become more violent with his attacks and summon Cursed Bokoblins. The extra enemies are easy to deal with and you can repeat the same process you were doing before, but with a little bit more caution. Eventually the golden giant will collapse and you can take your prize.

Dungeon: Lanayru Sandship

Boss: Abyssal Leviathan Tentalus

If you don't know how to do the Skyward Strike very well, I highly suggest practicing it before going into this fight. After you escape the ship and cut your way through the first few tentacles you will be on a deserted part of the ship while tentacles constantly rise from the water and penetrate the woodwork. These tentacles are very easy to spot before they come out, so just walk away from the position and prepare a horizontal Skyward Strike to prepare yourself for it. If you are too late or careless the tentacles will grab you, but simply shake the remote and you should be free before any actual damage is done. Once you have cut enough tentacles the leviathan himself will come up from the water, quickly fire an arrow in its eye and he should come crashing down. Now make your way to the eye and hit it, you can repeat this process into the second phase of the fight. During this phase Tentalus will go underwater and appear at the other side of the ship, go there yourself and wait for his tentacles to come flying at you. These are a lot smaller, but have teeth and will try to knock you off the ship, so hit them with your sword until they are gone, you should have an opening to shoot at Tentalus now and then continue hitting his eye again. Repeat until done.

Dungeon: Fire Sanctuary

Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim

Just like before Ghirahim will try to block your moves while slowly walking around the room, but this time there is a twist. He will also use red diamonds that will defend him from your sword when close and serve as projectiles from afar, stick close and confuse his hand again and then hit him where the diamonds aren't blocking. Eventually he will summon more diamonds, but the tactic remains the same. When you have done this enough he will pull out two swords and start functioning like a Stalfos, but again with a twist in the form of red diamonds. This time the little buggers will appear around Link, so you have to quickly spin and slash around you to get rid off them. When you got some time, you simply have to strike at the Demon Lord where he isn't guarding himself, after enough hits he will become more violent and attack himself. Block or dodge his basic sword slashes and run around the room when he jumps into the air, also be ready to adjust your sword when he fires diamonds at you. This final phase can prove to be rather hard, but pay attention and Ghirahim should wear out before you do.

Dungeon: Seales Grounds

Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim (finale)

As soon as the fight starts you will have to reach the bottom of the Seales Ground, but there are walls preventing you from simply dropping down, so you will have to take the detour. Simply run down and stop whenever enemies are near to take them down (You may want to avoid running past them because some of them have arrows and you will just have a bigger fight when you are occasionally forced to stop. The enemies will gradually become stronger, but pick up every heart you see and do your best to keep damage to a minimum as you will need your health for Ghirahim. Once you are all the way down there will be a cutscene and you will be on a platform with Ghirahim, simply strike at him and force him to the edge before causing him to fall, then pull off a finishing move to get down yourself. After a fall or two the Demon Lord will hold out two purple flames whenever he is close to falling, hit him where the flames are not blocking and he should fall just the same.

The second phase is a bit harder as Ghirahim will conjure a sword and block every single on of your moves. Stop trying and keep your distance, forcing Ghirahim to use a ranged attack which you can deflect. Play a game of Dead Man's Volley with him and whenever the projectile hits him you can run up and deliver a few hits before repeating. Eventually he will pull out a much larger and more threatening sword and swipe at you, a move you are going to want to avoid at all costs. Run up to him and deliver a hit, he will block it, but his sword will take damage and slowly crumble. Continue hitting the blade through the middle, so if he is holding it vertically, you hit it horizontally and vice versa. The sword will eventually break and allow you to deliver a few hits to him, repeat this until done and try to take as little damage throughout the fight because there are no hearts to pick up.

Dungeon:World of the Past

Boss: Demise

I found Demise to be a very hard boss, so I recommend you get the strongest health potions you can find and upgrade everything worth upgrading before you go down to his realm, it may even be worth to get more heart pieces if it still proves to be hard.

When the fight starts you have to stick close to Demise because he will charge at you otherwise. Deliver a few hits at him and he will likely block most of them, but alternate between directions and one will eventually hit. If it takes too long for you to hit or immediately after you hit, Demise will use his own attack. Jump back or block it and continue with this tactic until you have hit him roughly 28 times. Avoid damage as much as you can and save up your potions for when they are truly needed because there are no hearts lying around. During the next phase you must still stay close to Demise and prepare a Skyward Strike to throw at Demise, he will create his own though, so be faster than him. When a strike is charged, unleash it immediately. There is no room for waiting because Demise will launch his own or charge at you.When you hit him with the strike you can run up and deliver a few hits, eventually Demise will fall and leave himself open for a finishing move... It is worth trying, but he'll likely dodge it. Continue doing this until the third time when you will almost surely hit him and finish it. Congratulations, you have finished the game and saved Hyrule. Enjoy the ending cutscene.

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