LostWinds Credits


Executive ProducerDavid Braben
Senior ProducerJonny Watts
ProducerMichael Brookes
Assistant ProducersGary Richards, Ben Dowie
Lead DesignerSteven Burgess
Head of AudioAlistair Lindsay
Design and Audio SupportAndrew Thomas
Lead ArtistChris Symonds
Head of ArtJohn Laws
Art TeamCarolyn Bailey, Dean Searle, Hayden Scott-Baron, Marc Cox, Selina Dean, Stacey Allan
Animation TeamFelix Ilsley, Neil Hall, Patrice Lee Min Kam
Lead ProgrammersJames Chilcott, Andrew Scott, Matthew Simper
Programming TeamChristopher Swetenham, Michael Ttoouli, Oscar Cooper, Thomas Morley
QA LeadColin Davis
QANatalie Amos
Lead Engine ProgrammerDavid Scantlebury
Engine Programming TeamLeslie Long, Pat Byrne
Additional Engine DevelopmentAlex Jakes, Jon Lewis, Jon Travers, Matthew Halpin, Sergei Lewis, Tim Hughes, Tom Clapham, Matthew Hunter, Neil Dingley, Peter Halpin, Phillip Dexter, Ruari O'Sullivan
Managing DirectorDavid Walsh
Special Thanks toMarcus Krause, Nicolas Magnier, Tim Symons, Dan Adelman, Tiffany Cho Burnett, Takashi Aoyama, Alison Beasley, ChloĆ« Giusti
LostWinds is a Frontier 'Game of the Week' design, from an original idea by Steven Burgess

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204278)