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Wii version

Title screen
Level select map.
Loading screens give combo points hints.
Your sponsor's spokesman is one of the bugs in your ear.
The announcers introduce each level.
Drop containers on foes to tie them up.
Arm mounted chainsaw cuts enemies quickly.
Skewering enemies with a pole doesn't kill them - it's just the beginning.
Throwing enemies onto a "rose bush" will kill them... eventually.
Chaining violent acts earns you point bonuses.
Jack in Chinatown.
The Black Baron introduces each level's "Bloodbath Challenge" minigame.
Force-feeding this enemy some fizzy cola.
Wear down enemies enough and you can finish them off for fewer points.
Finishing a "combo" with level hazards brings lots of points.
Flinging a group of baddies into some saw blades.
Distract enemies with cases of cash to group them together.
Shake the nunchuck to do an evading backflip.