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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.6
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Overall User Score (18 votes) 2.8

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Jive Magazine
You’d better be in the mood for fun, as Mario Party is back! This classic party game series provides hours of fun for everyone regardless of age or gaming ability and Mario Party 8 is no exception. This fast paced and crazy game is the first Wii installment of the popular series and is the perfect game to play with family and friends.
Atomic Gamer
In the end, Mario Party 8 is a fun game that I'd recommend to most Wii owners. Note, however, that this statement does come with one caveat – if you would only be playing this game alone, I'd suggest that you skip over it and don't look back. It was designed around multiplayer and always has been. You're simply not going to get your money's worth if you're playing alone. Given that, this review was written from the perspective of having multiple people playing the game. With that out of the way, I'll just say one last time – Pick this one up, you and your friends will have a great time with it.
Computer Bild Spiele
Teil acht der Serie ist die erste Party für die Wii-Konsole und vermittelt reichlich Grund zum Feiern. Die neuen Spielbretter sind nicht nur optisch, sondern auch von der Struktur her grundlegend und erfrischend anders. Nicht alle Minispiele nutzen die Fähigkeiten der bewegungsempfindlichen Wii-Fernbedienung zwanghaft. Doch wenn deren Talente zum Einsatz kommen, dann sehr originell umgesetzt und perfekt spielbar. Dank des ständigen Wechsels der kleinen Spielchen kommt nicht nur Abwechslung in die Sache, es bleibt auch spannend. Eine rundum "gute" Party für die ganze Familie oder im Freundeskreis ist damit garantiert.
Mario Party 8 ist ein Spiel, das mit vier Freunden unglaublich viel Spaß macht und die Zeit vergessen lässt. Die per Wiimote hervorragend steuerbaren Minispiele mit der zufälligen Zusammenstellung der Teams sind eine willkomene Abwechslung zu den eher taktisch angehauchten Brettspielaktionen. Wer nun über den eher langweiligen Einzelspielermodus nörgelt, sollte sich ein paar Freunde suchen und dem Spiel eine zweite Chance geben - Party ist hier Programm und dafür braucht man nunmal mehrere Personen. Wir können diesen Titel auf alle Fälle empfehlen - wer eine Wii besitzt und keine Abneigung gegen Minispiele hat, sollte sich Nintendos Helden im Brettspielfieber nicht entgehen lassen.
Au final, malgré des défauts liés à la structure du jeu au tour par tour, ce Mario Party 8 est bien plus réussi que les opus précédents. Le plaisir de la compétition amicale est enfin de retour. Et les différents outils, personnages à incarner et mini-jeux garantissent une durée de vie à ce titre suffisamment longue pour valoir l’investissement.
Mario Party 8 is a solid game. If you have people to play with it is definitely worth the buy, if not it still might be worth picking up for the simple hope that you might eventually make some friends. Hell, maybe inviting them to a Mario Party is the way to do it.
Mario Party 8 ist ein ziemlich gelungenes Party Game! Die Minispiele sowie die einmalige Wii Steuerung bringen endlich wieder etwas frischen Wind ins Franchise, allerdings darf man sich nicht allzu viel Neues erwarten. Das Spielprinzip ähnelt exakt dem der Vorgänger und der Singleplayermodus ist ebenso flach. Technisch macht Mario Party 8 leider keine gute Figur, doch das ist bei einem Partygame ohne hin nicht so wichtig. Wer ein Party Spiel für die Wii sucht und mehrere Wiimotes sein Eigen nennt, ist mit Mario Party 8 dank der abwechslungsreichen Minigames gut bedient!
The Video Game Critic
One obvious flaw with the game is its slow, plodding pace. You can blame the usual suspects: too many prompts, tedious spinning wheels, unnecessary "cute" animations, and inane, verbose dialogue ("Let's see you all do your best!") Even if you're only playing the 10-turn (short) contest against one person, it can still take over an hour! I can't even imagine playing 50 turns - you'd be playing all day! Had there been a "fast mode" to expedite the action, Mario Party 8 would probably be in "A" territory.
Wenn man erstmal alles gesehen hat, schleicht sich das Wiederholungsgespenst ein. Die Spielbretter sind viel zu klein, der Solomodus ist ein Witz, die taktischen Möglichkeiten gehen im kunterbunten Zufall unter und neben einigen ganz schwachen Soundeffekten gibt es gerade mal eine kantenreiche Kulisse auf dem Niveau des GameCube sowie viel zu viel Recycling in Sachen Spielprinzip. Dieses Familienbonbon schmeckt unterm Strich noch gut, hat aber nach drei Tagen einen künstlichen Nachgeschmack.
Als je het voorgaande allemaal gelezen hebt vraag je jezelf misschien af of Mario Party 8 nou de moeite waard is of niet. Het antwoord daarop is kort. Ja. Mario Party 8 is op en top Mario Party en dat betekent dat het een game is die je (mits je met meerdere personen spelt) uren plezier kan bieden. Feit blijft echter wel dat de game, doordat het op en top Mario Party is, geen vernieuwing kent. Zelfs de gebreken uit eerdere delen zijn niet verholpen en dat is toch wel heel erg jammer. Desalniettemin is en blijft Mario Party 8 een prima aanschaf en de game zal je gegarandeerd entertainen. Op naar Mario Party 9 welke hopelijk wel online te spelen zal zijn!
Game Informer Magazine
Is there anything more pathetic than a grown man reviewing a Mario Party game? Well, I guess I’m going to find out. The task of reviewing a new title in this series is what’s known as a “no-win situation.” Either you, A) decide to push aside your usual standards of game design and deem this mess a perfect party game for tots or B) come across as some bitter, snooty old journalist who’s going around popping balloons at a kid’s birthday party. Let’s see what’s behind door number two, shall we?
Other crew members like Slyoldfox, FroFro, Rian and Zwan can confirm the fact we had a lot of fun with Mario Party 8. It's a pretty good game, but still, it's mostly the same concept as the previous versions. Whether you should pay that much money for it? In short, if you love board games - and the luck that you need with them - and you like to play minigames, then you should buy it. If you just want lots of minigames and an innovative use of the Wii-mote, then you should go for Rayman Raving Rabbids of WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
2nd review Mario’s party isn’t the hoppin’ event in town anymore, but Mario Party 8 delivers enough to be considered a decent game. The series has always had its ups and downs. Love it or hate it, the same formula is back in Mario Party 8. This installment seems more like a transition game to see what works and what doesn’t, but a well-executed transition game nevertheless.
Die mittlerweile achte Party im Pilzkönigreich gestaltet sich wahrlich nicht so spaßig und packend wie erhofft. Grund dafür sind die elend langen einzelnen Spielzüge und die fehlenden Innovationen bei den Minispielen. Trotz dieser auf den ersten Blick heftigen Kritik konnte ich Mario Party 8 am Ende doch noch einige spaßige Runden mit einigen Freunden abgewinnen, wodurch ich mich doch noch zu einer 7er Wertung durchringen konnte.
Ce Mario Party 8 n’est certes pas une révolution, pourtant, grâce à une réalisation soignée, ses différents modes de jeux et ses quatre-vingts mini-jeux, le titre de Nintendo ravira tous les fans de la série, et les autres qui, avec une grande dextérité, la Wiimote en mains, voudront bien prendre le temps de venir à bout des différents plateaux.
GNT - Generation Nouvelles Technologies
Même si au final Mario Party 8 n'apporte rien de bien nouveau et subit même ici et là quelques coupes, il reste un jeu indispensable, d'abord pour les fans de la série, ensuite pour les joueurs amateurs de parties en multi et de mini-jeux. Un peu moins loufoque que Wario Ware, Mario Party ravira les plus jeunes vu qu'il se montre tout de même beaucoup plus accessible que son homologue. Le concept des mini-jeux est toujours gagnant mais on aurait aimé que ce Mario Party 8 soit un peu moins ennuyeux.
Millään ylläolevalla ei kuitenkaan ole tuntunut olevan meillä juuri merkitystä. Mario Party 8 on pyörinyt Wiissä lähes tauotta nyt jo kolme viikkoa, eikä pelaaminen varmaan lopu ennen kuin viimeinenkin bonus on kerätty. Pelin sisäinen logiikka ja bonusjärjestelmä tasaavat menoa niin, etteivät yksittäiset virheet lajeissa - olivat ne sitten pelaajan tai pelin virheitä - pilaa koko istuntoa. Oikeassa seurassa meno maistuu ja peli on jatkuvasti, vaikkakin hitaasti, kehittynyt miellyttävämmäksi monin tavoin. Jos ajatus lautapelistä konsolilla tuntuu vastenmieliseltä, älä osta tätä. Jos se tuntuu kiinnostavalta, mutta ei ole ennestään tuttu, tässä on yksi parhaita toteutuksia aiheesta. Silti kannattaa kokeilla myös niitä vanhoja Cube-pelejä, kun ne kerran Wiillä toimivat, sillä valitettavasti Wiimoten epätäydellinen toimivuus heikentää pelattavuutta tässä painoksessa aiempiin versioihin nähden.
Video Game Talk
The big question still looms over the title however. Is this worth yet another version of Mario Party laying around the house. The short answer to this is – sure, assuming you know what you’re getting into. It’s not a game you’ll throw in every night, that is unless you live in a house that includes multiple gamers who are always ready to throw down some controller shaking, or in a house with some younger gamers who can benefit from the very family friendly game that is Mario Party. For a gamer such as myself who tends to play either alone or online with people I know and who rarely has people over to the house with the intent of gaming, Mario Party 8 is something that would be best suited as a rental.
Apart from the wii controls and the board changes, there’s not much new to report in the next installment of Mazza party. Graphics and controls are solid, but apart from the fact that you can swing about to move your character, there’s not much new meat to feast upon. The Hotel and Boo Mansion made me raise the score a point, as did the extra features including Mii use and Test for the Best, making it closer to being worthy of the forty pound mark.
Mario Party 8 is een geslaagd feestje geworden. Het zal geen feest van de eeuw worden, maar met een paar vrienden kun je heel wat gezellige avonden beleven op leuke, diverse (doch weinig) speelborden. Ga je echter in je eentje een partijtje houden dan zal de lol een stuk verder te zoeken zijn. De nieuwe besturing, met de Wii-mote, is zeer geslaagd en heeft een aantal hele leuke minigame ervaringen opgeleverd. Ben je al jarenlang een gast op Mario’s feesten dan zul je je hier ook zeker vermaken. Ben je nog nooit geweest, dan is dit misschien het moment om eens te gaan kijken.
Mario Party 8 is alleen leuk met vrienden of familie. De Wii-controller zorgt ervoor dat de minigames voor het eerst sinds tijden weer nieuw aanvoelen en bovendien valt er genoeg te lachen met de soms vreemde bewegingen die de speler moet maken. De nieuwe speelborden zijn sterk en vooral Tycoon Town is een goede aanvulling. Ontwikkelaar Hudson Soft had de game er grafisch beter uit moeten laten zien, want ondanks dat het bij de Wii niet om het grafische aspect draait, wil dat nog niet zeggen dat er weggekomen kan worden met GameCube-graphics en het ontbreken van breedbeeldondersteuning. Ook het gemis van een online-modus mag Hudson zwaar aangerekend worden. Hierdoor zou de game ook tegen anderen te spelen zijn indien er even geen vrienden in de buurt zijn. Hudson doet er verstandig aan om de franchise eens goed onder handen te nemen, want een Mario Party 9 die nogmaals hetzelfde doet als dit deel kan wel eens een feestje worden zonder feestgangers.
The original N64 trilogy will always stand to me as the best titles in the series. MP8, though, is leaps and bounds ahead of its GameCube brethrens and still upholds the reason this series has been around almost every year since 1999. It's party fun, and it gets quite insane at points. If you have no friends, though, do yourself a favor and buy Metroid instead.
I was very excited about the potential of this title, but ended up disappointed at what seems like a lackluster port of a Gamecube effort. This series needs a fire lit under it, and hopefully the next entry will be far superior (which it very well could be, considering it will be built from the ground-up for the Wii). Fans of the series will find more of the same with Mario Party 8, for better or worse.
Après sept épisodes réussis mais néanmoins trop semblables pour justifier la prolifération de cette série, le huitième opus se devait d'apporter quelque chose en plus pour renouveler la formule des Mario Party. Pourtant, malgré le changement de support, la série reste plus que jamais fidèle à elle-même, et on regrette que les développeurs n'aient pas mieux su tirer parti du maniement propre à la Wii pour revigorer ce qui a toujours été la référence du party-game sur consoles.
Mario Party had been the only persistent minigame franchise for years, and Hudson got a little too comfortable because of it. The fact that there are more interesting minigame collections out there now, like Rayman Raving Rabbids, puts that laziness in stark relief and makes it more difficult to tolerate. If you've got the patience to dig past the skill-free board game portions of Mario Party 8, there are some genuinely inventive minigames to be played. The point, though, is that you shouldn't have to dig at all.
Worth Playing
The first Mario Party game was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. Now, eight years later, we're on Mario Party 8, meaning one game has been released each year. The problem is that the Mario Party franchise hasn't really evolved or changed much from its days on the Nintendo 64. Yes, there are new characters, stages, and mini-games, but despite their clever designs, they're quickly growing repetitive and stale. They were fun the first couple of times, but we're on the eighth game in the franchise now, and other than the Wiimote support, there is very little to recommend this title over others.
I can not recommend this game for a single player experience. If you want this game so you can share it with friends and family who have played it before then Mario Party fits the bill perfectly. I know its going to sell millions and millions of copies like its predecessors, but quality as a whole is a bit disappointing. I know I seem negative, but I expected more from Nintendo after them knocking third parties for putting out half than decent titles. I’m going to hold them to what they preach. Mario Party should have been better than Raving Rabbids and it’s not…I was excited…but it left me wanting more then it could provide.
While unimpressive from a technical standpoint, and uninspired from a mini-games standpoint, the core Mario Party formula remains intact. As with any multiplayer oriented game, having a good time is always possible as long as you surround yourself with good friends. So yes, this eighth installment of the series may be worth your while if you like throwing Wii parties and have exhausted all of the Wii's better such games already. Otherwise, you're not missing much.
Pour conclure, disons simplement que ce Mario Party 8 est un titre bâclé qui n'est clairement pas à la hauteur des espoirs placés en lui. Se reposant bien trop sur les acquis de ses aînés, le soft brille par son manque d'originalité, tant dans le fond que dans la forme. Les mini-jeux proposés ne sont pas réellement intéressants, et la concurrence déjà rude en party-games a le mérite de proposer bien mieux que cela. Enfin, la réalisation technique du titre est abominable, avec des graphismes simplistes et une bande-son atroce. Malgré tout, il faut reconnaître à certaines parties à quatre le mérite de proposer quelques instants sympathiques. Mais ils sont bien rares en comparaison des longs moments de désillusion. A éviter, sauf peut-être d'occasion, à un prix très nettement rabaissé. Et encore…
Snobant la Wiimote alors qu'elle était censée être son principal atout, Mario Party 8 se prend les pieds dans le tapis. A coté du manque flagrant d'innovation, on se retrouve avec des erreurs techniques insupportables qui ne datent pas d'hier pourtant, notamment au niveau de l'ergonomie qui ne fait rien pour alléger le déroulement des parties. Carton jaune - voire orange - aussi pour avoir mis en quarantaine le Nunchunk dans une Zone Extras où des mini-jeux se battent en duel. Possibilité d'intégrer les Mii ? Mouais, pour appater les néophytes. Ces derniers trouveront d'ailleurs plus leur compte que ceux qui disposent déjà au moins d'une version cubique. Car passer à coté de Mario Party 8, c'est passer à coté de pas grand chose finalement.
G4 TV: X-Play
On a very critical note, Mario Party 8 does not include native widescreen support. So if you have one of them fancy pants widescreen TVs, you’ll see bars on the left and right edges of the screen. You can work around this by setting your Wii to 4:3 mode, but the game should do that automatically. It’s safe to say that we’re all getting a little sick of mini-games on the Wii, but Mario Party 8 delivers a pretty good batch wrapped up in some interesting board designs. Perhaps they’ll work out the rest of the kinks in time for Mario Party 9.
Discerning players will find this latest effort still has its moments, but also that they are fewer and farther between. The game includes a robust list of minis, boards and modes and yet you'll quickly discover that little else has been changed. All of our complaints about previous games – the slow pace, the lackluster single-player affair, the loose attention to detail – all remain and with Mario Party 8 we can add another criticism: ignorance of the Wii remote. True, there are a dozen or more minis that do utilize Nintendo's new controller in a unique and enjoyable way, but there are dozens more that don't – that, in fact, were obviously born on GameCube and later ported to Wii with last-minute new motion systems added in. This lackadaisical approach to the franchise sequel bleeds over into the presentation, which doesn't impress as a GCN effort, let alone a Wii one.
Games TM
Yes it's the same old formula with a few moments of motion-controlled inspiration. And if Nintendo isn't careful, that's an accusation that could be levelled at an increasing number of Wii titles. Let's hope they consider this fair warning...
Armchair Empire, The
Mario Party 8 has sold extremely well but it seems to be riding the crest wave of previous Mario Party titles, because there’s nothing worth coming back for.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
In the end, Mario Party 8 is an average game. The problem is that it shouldn’t be. In order to ensure the success of a Mario Party 9 and beyond, Nintendo needs to find new ways to lift this series above the norm. It’s good as a rental for a party, but it’s doubtful it’ll continually see playing time.
Gamer 2.0
Like a good song that got overplayed on the radio, Mario Party 8 is simply too much of a good thing. The series is in desperate need of a revival and one can only hope that Nintendo looks at this title as reference of what not to do in the future. The new motion-sensing controls do nothing to make the games or overall presentation any better and the unbalanced computer characters make playing more frustrating than fun. Fans might enjoy playing the game and having a few laughs, but those laughs are for all the wrong reasons.
40 (UK)
Mario Party 8 is a "would have, should have, could have" kind of game. With such an depressingly long list of wasted possibilities, and so many other mini-game collections available for Nintendo Wii (The excellent Rayman Raving Rabbids, for one) It would be wrong of me to say you should pick this up. Fun could be had here, but even with the most forgiving group of friends, it's going to be short-lived.
Super Play (Sweden)
Gör precis som typ alla tidigare spel i serien gjort. På exakt samma sätt. I samma kläder. Och så vidare. Hur roligt låter det, tycker du? På en skala mellan ett och tio? Fyra säger vi.
Digital Spy
Mario Party 8 is essentially a GameCube title ported over to the Wii with some last minute remote controls added. If you like the series, then you will probably enjoy much of what this has to offer, but Nintendo really need to do better next time if they want to have Wii gamers falling at their feet.