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Mario Sports Mix (Wii)

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Mario Sports Mix non sarà un party game perfetto, ma ci va abbastanza vicino. Gli sviluppatori di Square Enix hanno dimostrato di sapersi muovere con grande disinvoltura con i personaggi Nintendo, e hanno messo insieme una raccolta di sport che saprà senz'altro allietare le nostre serate con gli amici. L'approccio a ognuna delle quattro discipline è fondamentalmente semplice ed essenziale, dunque non bisogna aspettarsi chissà quale spessore dalle partite, tuttavia il risultato finale è davvero buono. La presenza dei minigame tematici moltiplica di fatto il divertimento, ma è l'ottima modalità multiplayer a costituire il vero valore aggiunto del gioco, che peraltro nasconde un gran numero di extra sbloccabili fra scenari e personaggi. Ci fossero stati anche il tennis, il calcio e qualche altro sport ancora, staremmo parlando di un piccolo capolavoro nel genere dei party game.
Nintendo Life
While Mario Sports Mix may lack the depth of Mario Tennis and Golf, it’s a great example of a more casual Mario title that multiple players can enjoy. Not all the disciplines on offer will be to everyone’s taste, but there’s enough good stuff here to last you a fair while and Square Enix have given it oodles of imagination.
Official Nintendo Magazine
Single-player is a bore, but this is thankfully saved by local and online multiplayer.
Au final, Mario Sports Mix est une petite réussite pour les amoureux des soirées mouvementées entre amis. Un titre à découvrir !
Cheat Happens
If you're looking for a fun multiplayer game for the Wii, that you'll be able to jump into quickly, you'll be pleasantly surprised with Mario Sports Mix, just don't expect to get much out of it as a single player experience. It's full of the charm and quality you've come to expect from Mario's side projects. Hey, at least you can chuck stuff at Peach's head right?
GNT - Generation Nouvelles Technologies
On reprochera surtout à ce Mario Sports Mix son manque d'épreuves. Quatre activités sportives et quatre mini-jeux, voilà ce que comporte le titre. C'est un peu maigre, mais vous oublierez sans doute cet inconvénient dans le mode multijoueurs en ligne, où on l'espère, vous rencontrerez assez d'adversaires pour réaliser de nombreux matches. Autrement, comme tout party-game se rapportant à l'univers de Mario et de ses compagnons, le titre de Nintendo se veut gai et festif.
Overall, Mario Sports Mix is a decent title that serves well as a rental. The game mechanics are solid, and there is fun to be had in the multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, all four events feature the same mechanics, creating a feeling of redundancy while playing. The lack of additional modes and endearing mini-games also aid in making Mario Sports Mix a fun try but not a lifetime investment.
Ce Mario Sports Mix offre seulement quatre sports, le volley-ball, le basket, la balle au prisonnier et le hockey sur glace, mais arrive pourtant à intéresser le joueur grâce au fun qu'il distille, en solo, mais surtout en multi. Au final, on se retrouve face à une compilation qui n'est pas indispensable, mais qui a un charme non négligeable.
Cheat Code Central
Mario Sports Mix tries to do too much at once. It's a mixed bag of bite-sized pieces, and many of those pieces feel like they could have used a bit more polish. But I must admit, some of the pieces work exceptionally well. The bottom line: this has potential to be great party game if you can ignore the weaker sports on the disc and the shallow single-player experience.
Mario Sports Mix est le produit type auquel on pouvait s'attendre. Ni plus, ni moins. Convivial, accessible à tous mais offrant tout de même assez de subtilités de gameplay pour que les parties soient intéressantes, il sera surtout agréable à pratiquer en la présence de quelques amis. Dommage tout de même que le contenu soit relativement mince. On aurait aimé un peu plus de disciplines également, ainsi que davantage de soin dans la présentation. Un jeu qui apporte tout de même un peu plus de profondeur et son univers, si on le compare à Wii Sports et consorts, mais qui dispose aussi de bien moins d'épreuves. Chacun ses priorités il semblerait.
Until you’ve played for several hours and had time to realize how repetitive everything ultimately becomes, Mario Sports Mix is enjoyable and occasionally it even feels like an excellent game. Certainly the anticipated personality is present, and the graphics on display range from better than average to absolutely gorgeous. Every character makes the right sounds, the menus are generally polished and easy to navigate and the play control is tight and appropriately simplistic. The problem is that everything on offer wears thin well before it should. The process of unlocking everything begins to feel more like a chore than a game. The AI-controlled characters start to feel cheap, not merely proficient or challenging.
Giant Bomb
Even at the game's height of playability, Mario Sports Mix simply comes across like a bizarre copy of a copy. It's a fax-machine quality retread of such startling inanity that, at a point, you might actually find your fond memories of Mario sports games past overwritten by this blur of dispassionate mediocrity. We're a long way from the days of great games like Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, and with each progressively lamer franchise installment Nintendo thrusts upon us, that divide just continues to widen.
Mario Sports Mix is rarely outright bad, but the whole experience is so utterly flat that it's hard to find the excitement. All of the sports control well and have their moments of fun, but they're ultimately so predictable that any sense of thrill is gone within the first few games. Mario sports games usually offer a goofy take on an established idea, but there's no such hook in his latest athletic attempt. This game lacks the depth of a more skillful sports outing and the joyful tug of anything-goes arcade action. Mario deserves a vacation for his hard work, but this is not the way to go about it.
Mario Sports Mix possède un gameplay à la Wiimote sympathique et le volley ainsi que le dodgeball promettent une après-midi multi rigolote. Mais après... Avec seulement quatre sports et une mécanique de jeu forcément répétitive, le titre semble radin à côté de Wii Sports Resort ou de la série Mario et Sonic. Sur Wii, Mario Sports Mix n'est que troisième sur le podium du genre.
Operation Sports
Basically, this game really only works in the long term as a multiplayer game. Even then, while it might be fun in short bursts, there are much better options to scratch your “Mario sports” itch. There’s nothing new, or excitingly innovative, here either. Again, if you’ve played other Mario sports games, expect the same experience, just a more shallow one.
Before playing this I would have thought it almost impossible to ever experience a truly awful Mario Sports title. Even one of the weaker titles, Mario Strikers Charged, still managed to offer up a few laughs in multiplayer and Mario Golf (Gamecube) and Mario Tennis were all worthwhile additions to the sporting genre. How you can take a cast of recognisable characters with a world so varied, fun and colourful as Mario’s and turn it into a bad sports party game I still don’t know. But Square Enix somehow have. It’s certainly an achievement, but perhaps not one that they’ll want to be remembered for.
The Video Game Critic
To say Nintendo was catering to pre-schoolers would be an insult to pre-schoolers! Five-minute games feel more like a half hour, especially when each score is followed by unnecessary celebration and score tabulation sequences. And by limiting the basic controls to "shake" and "press A", the games feel simplistic and unsatisfying. Playing Sports Mix with friends is like attending a Wii-mote waggle rally. Moves like diving for errant volleyballs are totally automatic. The passes in dodge ball are too soft and floaty. The extra "party" games are too random to be fun, and the musical one hardly qualifies as a game. Mario Sports Mix was loaded with potential but poor execution makes this a spectacular disappointment.