Metroid: Other M Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title screen
Save station
Map screen
Samus auto-aims at nearby enemies.
The camera shifts perspective naturally.
Bottle Ship control room
The ship is divided into sections connected by elevators.
Samus hops on some enemies for a killing blow.
Missiles are launched in first person.
Minimal searching compared to the Prime trilogy, but still there.
A bit closer on the Samus character model.
Traveling into the screen.
Samus has some moves.
Tap a direction just before an attack to dodge.
Traveling out of the screen.
The first section is filled with biological growth.
Pretty plants, but deadly.
Samus up close.
Beautiful cutscenes.
The intro revisits the end of Super Metroid.
Samus unmasked.
Zero Suit fan service.
Stand by for frequent motherly metaphors.
The Bottle Ship, where the story takes place.
Samus and her former commander Malkovich.
Camera sometimes shifts to a classic side-view.
Rapid shooting in all directions.
Nice smoke and light effects for the Wii.
The Morph Ball is naturally still a feature.
Camera sometimes locks to a shoulder view.
More cinematic Samus