Metroid Prime Trilogy Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title screen
Lots of unlockables to collect.
All three titles are unlocked from the start. Play any one you like.
Pick a game and get shot by Samus.
Start of the original Metroid Prime. Samus arrives on scene.
The Trilogy ports all the games to 16:9.
Controls, like selecting visors, now use the scheme from Corruption.
Your cannon is now in permanent free-aim mode and aimed with the remote.
Almost all the Gamecube effects return unchanged.
Your charged blast, for example, uses the original effect and has not been updated.
Scan mode in the first game still uses icons
Still a good looking game.
Aiming with the remote is extremely easy, especially compared to the old Gamecube system.
Start of Metroid Prime 2.
Gonna need to get that ship fixed.
MP2 now highlights objects in scan mode.
Exploring the planet.
Start of Metroid Prime 3.
MP3 (designed for the Wii) makes much more use of the remote.
Samus is on the job.
Exploring the ship.
MP3's charged shot effect. I think you can see the difference.
More Wiimoting