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Especially if you have friends with a copy of this game, you'll enjoy showing them your latest creations, but the limitations of Monster Lab for solo play are exposed quickly for more experienced players. Young gamers that may be burned out on Pokemon or enamored with that style of play and looking for something similar will enjoy Monster Lab. Lots of quality touches are embedded in the visual design of the monsters and their environment, and it is definitely fun to throw together a small army of unique beasties that you can even name. Think of Monster Lab as the kind of virtual pet that R.L. Stine might conceive and you'll get a sense of the kids that will enjoy finding this under their Christmas tree...
Worth Playing (Apr 04, 2009)
In closing, Monster Lab is definitely a Wii game that should really appeal to a lot of different gamer archetypes. It has a linear story, turn-based fights, collecting and creating, and heaps of mini-games that will challenge and amuse. It's not perfect, though. For me, some of the fights were completely static and unbalanced, as I found what I considered to be a perfect collection of monster parts that would end most fights in two hits. The difficulty of the mini-games in later stages becomes frustratingly hard. Despite these few minor setbacks, the game shines and is now my new golden standard for comparing other Wii titles and their creative use of the controllers. Finally, something has trumped Wii Sports Bowling.
IGN (Nov 11, 2008)
Monster Lab is undoubtedly destined for retail obscurity, but if you somehow stumble upon a copy and happen to be in the market for a well-made kids' game, this stylish, polished and fun title definitely fits the bill. It's got a few problems in the area of unnecessary repetition, some flow-breaking load screens, some pointless mini-games and some over-baked dialog, but overall the presentation is a cut above most Wii games, the monster-building mechanic incredibly deep and the turn-based battle system enjoyable. So if you like games like Pokemon, or if your kids do, give this one a try. The fact that it's $10 cheaper than your average Wii offering makes it a more worthwhile purchase.
GameZone (Dec 15, 2008)
Monster Lab is a good game that will stay in your Nintendo Wii for a long time. Hopefully Eidos Interactive will create a sequel to this game that fixes its shortcomings as they have a potential blockbuster in their hands.
Despite some of its shortcomings, Monster Lab provides an enjoyable experience overall. Collecting and combining ingredients to make better monster parts is not only essential to progression, it is also fun and incredibly addictive. The game’s combat is fairly simple to get the hang of but incredibly deep and saturated with interesting strategy elements. So, if you are into strategy, depth, polished visuals, and a lengthy experience not typically found in most Wii titles, you should definitely give Monster Lab a try.
75 (Dec 19, 2008)
Schade ist nur, dass sich die Aufgaben sowie Minispiele schnell wiederholen und man in der Anfangsphase nur wenige Möglichkeiten hat, sich Teile zu basteln. Nervig sind zudem Herausforderungen wie das Käferklatschen oder der immer gleiche Kampf gegen den aufgebrachten Mob, denen man oft nicht aus dem Weg gehen kann, obwohl man es gerne würde. So weicht die anfängliche Begeisterung bald der Monotonie, auch wenn sich der Umfang insgesamt sehen lassen kann und es immer wieder neue Kulissen zu entdecken gibt. Trotzdem geht gerade durch das Experimentieren und die Erschaffung neuer, stärkerer Teile für das Monsteraufgebot eine gewisse Faszination aus, die einen bei der Stange hält, obwohl man immer das Gleiche machen muss. Damit ist Monster Lab ein Titel, den man zwar nicht lange am Stück spielt, aber vor allem am DS zwischendurch immer wieder reinhaut und Spaß dabei hat.
Nintendojo (2008)
Monster Lab is a surprisingly deep game in regards to the creation aspects and battling system. Even when the main story may be over, there are still hundreds of experiments waiting to be brewed back at the mansion. Within the mix-and-match formula are also plenty of misses, such as repetitive mini-games and too much focus on backtracking. But with a strong presentation -- and a $40 price -- this is a rather well-rounded and polished experience that is recommended for any young gamer.
Nintendo Life (Jul 15, 2009)
Despite a few minor shortcomings Monster Lab is a great 3rd party effort for the Wii which has solid controls that make great use of the Remote and will appeal to a broad age range. Kudos to Eidos and Backbone Entertainment for this excellent offering on the Wii, which will hopefully inspire other developers to turn out quality titles.
Gamervision (Jan 28, 2009)
There’s online multiplayer if you happen to have a friend with the game, but since there aren’t random battles online, the mode feels like more of an afterthought than a true feature. Monster Lab isn’t an extremely deep RPG, it doesn’t have too interesting of a story, the minigames aren’t incredibly engaging, and the art style isn’t unique enough to carry the game. That said, every aspect of the title is entirely adequate, and while there’s little to really speak too highly of, there’s barely anything worth complaining about. In that, it stands above most Wii games, and would be a fantastic RPG for anyone looking for more of a casual experience, but it's definitely a game worth renting first to be sure. It might be a jack of all trades and master of none, but that’s better than sucking.
70 (Nov 27, 2008)
Après une version DS réussie, la mouture Wii nous arrive en proposant à la virgule près le même contenu. Du coup, logique qu'on y retrouve une ambiance gothique similaire et une customisation de monstre relativement poussée ainsi qu'une vingtaine de mini-jeux. Dommage que les combats ne suivent pas vraiment et que l'architecture du mode principal soit si limitée. Nonobstant ces approximations, ce titre reste une expérience fort sympathique pour qui n'a pas peur des dérives de la science.
GameSpot (Nov 20, 2008)
Monster Lab's main appeal is in the collecting, building, and experimenting. It's rewarding to watch your creation come to life and see how it fares against a real opponent. Unfortunately, you can go only so far before the creeping repetition and unnatural minigames start to drive you mad.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 02, 2008)
Though an amicable attempt, Monster Lab is plagued by a number of issues. Monster creation falls flat, not feeling truly creative or interesting. Mini-games are excessive and as one would expect, entirely Wii Remote feature-based. Battling is unfulfilling as well because getting into a fight does nothing but net creation parts that are neither unique nor hard to come by. Had the game featured some RPG elements, grinding through battles would've been more tolerable; but instead, with no real reward and no true variation, battling is just another piece of the overall experience that falls short. Monster Lab is best left for rental; it exhibits some interesting traits, but overall will grow too repetitious for most to bear.