My Pokémon Ranch (Wii)

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Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US)
You can also march your Pokémon in a parade, make them play with toys that are delivered daily, take and send pictures through the Wii message board, and visit your friends' ranches, among other things. My Pokémon Ranch is a surprisingly compelling exercise in Pokémon-watching; it's just that you aren't in control of very much of it. The almost total lack of interaction makes the title difficult to recommend to many audiences, but if you need to fill out your Pokédex and enjoy watching cute creatures fart on each other, My Pokémon Ranch might be worth a look.
It isn't hard to decide whether or not Pokémon Ranch is a game for you. I've checked on my little guys almost daily since the game came out and I still enjoy it. That said, I think it's pretty clear just how much of a fan I am of the franchise. Only fellow Pokémon fanatics will get a similar level of enjoyment.
Cheat Code Central
Overall, if you have Pokémon Diamond or Pearl and have not completed your Pokédex, then My Pokémon Ranch is a great way to extend your gameplay experience. But, if you don't have either of these titles, or you have completed your Pokémon Diamond or Pearl Pokédex, there is really no reason to own My Pokémon Ranch. Unless, you just like looking at your Pokémon run around on a big screen. Even then, I'm not sure if it is worth 1000 Wii Points, especially when there are so many more interesting and interactive games out there.
The best way to describe My Pokemon Ranch is to say that it’s just a built-in Mii Channel, but now you can watch Pokemon wander around the screen. But that’s just not any where near enough of a draw to plunk down ten bucks. The DS connectivity is cool, but it’s not going to open up a whole new world for Pokefreaks.
WiiWare World
Ultimately, My Pokémon Ranch is chock full of missed potential. But while it’s easy to chide the game for what it doesn’t do, it’s harder to express that there is still value here for the right audience. There’s no question it’s an ideal game for young, fledgling Pokémaniacs who are frustrated by the demands of most games. Here, they can freely watch and interact with cuddly Pokémon of all shapes and sizes while looking forward to new toys and Pokémon daily. For established Pokémaniacs you have a service for storing and obtaining various Pokémon that doubles as a screensaver while you’re playing Diamond/Pearl. As long as these audiences keep their expectations in check they may find themselves charmed by this goofy WiiWare title, but everyone else need only look at the screenshots and their gut reaction should let them know where they stand.
On ne peut s'empêcher d'être horriblement déçu par ce spin-off sur Wii. En plus d'être vide de contenu, My Pokémon Ranch est dénué de possibilités ludiques. Ici, on ne fait qu'observer ses Pokémon s'adonner à quelques jeux dans une ferme désespérément vide. Voilà un Pokémon qui porte mal son nom.
10 (UK)
What's most galling is that an Animal Crossing style game with Pokémon - one where you actually did something - could be quite wonderful, and certainly more interesting and rewarding for fans. Had this been offered as a free (or at least dirt-cheap) bonus download for Pokémon DS owners, the sweet graphics and empty-headed concept might have been charming. At the same price point charged for the sublime LostWinds it's a brazen insult, and marks a new low in the exploitation of the Pokémon brand.