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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.3
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.2

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PGNx Media (Dec 03, 2006)
It’s a shame that EA decided to drop the intense cop chases from Most Wanted. Carbon is still a very addicting game even though the drift races don’t work quite as well as they should. The canyon races can get passionate at times and the underlying racing is as solid as ever. The Wii version of Carbon makes novel use of the Wiimote, but there have been some compromises made to bring to the console such as limiting the number of racers onscreen (from 20 to a max of four) and removing online play. The Wiimote controls aren’t enough to jstify these compromises, but on its own Carbon is still an enjoyable racing game.
GamerDad (Dec 05, 2006)
While the addition of "wingmen" is cool, their practical effect is that they make the game too easy. As a consequence, initially, moderately experienced racers will win most races. However, that winning streak will come to a screeching halt when faced with Boss races, intense competition where you can actually win territory, because those races are incredibly hard and frustrating. Most of the Boss races involve racing downhill in a twisting canyon at high speed. If you take a single turn in a less-than-perfect manner, you'll have to replay the entire race. Need for Speed Carbon would have been a better game if the developers had found a happy medium between these two levels of racing difficulty.
N-Zone (Feb 16, 2007)
Ich bin absolut überrascht, hatte ich doch nicht erwartet, dass es Electronic Arts gelingen würde, die Steuerung des Renners so vorbildlich umzusetzen. Eine hervorragende und gelungene Abwechslung zu den anderen Versionen von Need for Speed: Carbon ist die Wii-Fassung allemal. Allerdings bin ich immer noch vom geringen Umfang enttäuscht und hätte mir mehr Neuerungen im Gameplay gewünscht.
Game Over Online (Mar 08, 2007)
Although Need for Speed Carbon on the Wii is essentially a quick port of the Xbox version, the unique control system makes it its own game. The controls are new and innovative, but to a large percentage of racing fans they won’t seem to fit. There is a lot of potential for this control system as developers get used to the Wii’s controls, but it may take some time. This is still a fun arcade racer with a good story and great customization. I do recommend it, but rent it first, because it’s not for everyone.
Those looking for an enjoyable driving game to pick up for their new Wii console are definitely going to appreciate what Need For Speed Carbon has to offer. The game has a wide range of cars, a nice amount of customisation options and a healthy selection of race types. I actually enjoyed playing the game with the default controls (with the sensitivity maximized) and with a little practice it actually felt rather intuitive. Is it better than the usual control schemes you have in games of this type? It’s not as good as using a steering wheel but some may prefer it to the standard controller configuration that you’ll find on the other consoles. The lack of an online mode is a little disappointing but seeing as no Wii game so far supports online gaming it’s hardly surprising. If you’re after some four-wheeled action on your Wii at the moment then NFS Carbon is definitely the game to go for at this point in time.
GameZone (Dec 07, 2006)
While not outstandingly innovative, Need for Speed Carbon for the Wii is a great step in the right direction in terms of giving us a game that takes advantage of Nintendo’s revolutionary hardware. While it takes awhile to get a hang of the controls, the game itself is a fun ride that might not take the game to a completely new direction but the few changes are a good start. If you’re a Need for Speed fan or want more racing action for your new console, you might want to consider buying this one.
IGN (Dec 05, 2006)
Compared to some of your other launch options, Need for Speed Carbon just doesn’t cut it as an upgraded GameCube “Wii-make”. While the control is actually pretty solid - using the Wii controller as a virtual steering wheel - the technical limitations are just too numerous to ignore. On one hand you have a game that simulates arcade driving amazingly well using a tiny tilt-enabled remote instead of a bulky (and extremely expensive) racing wheel peripheral. On the other hand, however, you’ve got a game that not only feels a bit under par visually when compared to other Wii titles thus far, but also takes a huge hit in frame rate. The game manages to play well, display in 16:9 and 480p, but simply dies when it’s expected to put anything more than 20-30 frames per second, and that really hurts the experience.
Steuerungstechnisch dürfte die Wii-Version allen anderen Versionen haushoch überlegen sein, da man mit der Wiimote nach einer kurzen Eingewöhnungszeit extrem genau lenken und trotzdem sehr schnell auf Hindernisse reagieren kann. Leider macht die miserable Framerate diesen Bonus wieder zunichte. Most Wanted auf der Xbox 360 war für mich gerade wegen des berauschenden Geschwindigkeitsgefühls ein Hit; Carbon reiht sich damit in die Reihe der Spiele ein, die zwar ganz gut sind, aber nicht wirklich in Erinnerung bleiben - mit einer flüssigen Grafik wäre eine Wertung im hohen 8er-Bereich durchaus drin gewesen. Für Fans der Serie, die sich auch mit dem Bekleben der Wagen mit Vinyls und den anderen optischen Aspekten der Serie stundenlang beschäftigen konnten, ist Carbon vielleicht noch einen Tick empfehlenswerter. Für Rennspiel-Fans stellt Need For Speed Carbon die momentan beste Alternative auf dem Wii dar, die zumindest für einige Stunden beschäftigen kann.
Lawrence (Dec 11, 2006)
Need For Speed: Carbon is another solid entry in a solid series of arcade racers. The core racing action is still sound, but the new features are a mixed bag. While the addition of muscle cars and the new Autosculpting feature are both great, the canyon races and crew members are grating at best. The tacked-on Wii controls and lack of online multiplayer hurt, but Carbon is still a fun racing title that should please anyone who’s a fan of the genre.
GameSpot (Dec 01, 2002)
Ultimately, Need for Speed Carbon doesn't make the best use of some of the strengths from Need for Speed Most Wanted. Many of the changes made to the Most Wanted formula seem to be for the sake of change, but it all still just comes back to the solid driving action, which Need for Speed Carbon puts to good use.
70 (2006)
Need for Speed Carbon débarque sur Wii avec une version assez semblable aux autres supports, mais avec une jouabilité drastiquement différente. Si vous cherchez un jeu de course sur la console, n'hésitez pas.
70 (Dec 21, 2006)
Nach GT Pro Series und Monster 4x4: World Circuit hatte ich schon die schlimmsten Befürchtungen, was mich mit Need for Speed: Carbon auf Wii erwarten würde. Doch obwohl es sich technisch leider nur um eine einfache Konvertierung der GameCube-Fassung handelt und sich die Fahrzeuge in den meisten der verfügbaren Kombinationen mehr schwammig als präzise steuern, hat man sich dennoch Gedanken gemacht, wie man Nunchuk und Remote in einem Rennspiel sinnvoll einsetzen kann. EA ist hier eindeutig auf dem richtigen Weg, auch wenn es an der Umsetzung noch etwas hapert. Deshalb würde ich Wii-Besitzern, die unbedingt mit NFS Carbon auf die Piste gehen wollen, tatsächlich eher zur GameCube-Version raten, mit der ihr die Boliden insgesamt besser unter Kontrolle habt.
With the exception of the small graphical dips, the disappointing multi-player and the drift racing, Carbon's majority is another superb arcade racer. You can ignore the frame rate issues and the drift racing can be mastered with time. As long as you're not looking for deep multi-player, Need for Speed's Wii debut will be worth it to you.
65 (Dec 11, 2006)
Irréprochable dans son contenu et sa bande-son, NFS Carbon est au niveau graphiquement mais déçoit en terme de jouabilité. Parfois imprécis, délicat à prendre en main et très peu tolérant pour un titre orienté arcade, il n'est manifestement pas le titre le plus enclin à faire la meilleure publicité pour la Wiimote. L'essayer, c'est diminuer les risques d'être désorienté par un gameplay qui confirme que les portages purs et durs n'ont pas tous la même capacité d'adaptation sur Wii.
60 (Dec 20, 2006)
Machen wir es kurz: Auch auf Wii ist Need for Speed: Carbon ein durchschnittlich gutes Rennspiel, aber die Steuerung hat so ihre Tücken. Über die Gründe dafür zu spekulieren, ist müßig, handelt es sich bei dem Titel doch ohnehin nur um eine mehr oder weniger lieblose Umsetzung - in die vermutlich nicht allzuviel Arbeitszeit investiert wurde. Wer die gute Emmanuelle unbedingt kennenlernen will, sollte daher eher zur PC- oder Xbox-360-Version greifen. Die sind online spielbar, sehen besser aus und hinterlassen - logischerweise - einen ausgereifteren Eindruck.
60 (Dec 20, 2006)
Need for Speed Carbon is one of those games that simply isn't best played on the Wii. Racing games are yet to prove themselves on the system, and Carbon is another that suffers due to the Wii's controllers. Control issues aside, it's another solid racer from EA, and the Auto-Sculpt feature is absolutely fantastic. If you've been following the series up to this point, and were a fan of last year's Most Wanted, Carbon should be right up your alley, but the Wii version shouldn't be the version you play.
Video Game Talk (Dec 28, 2006)
I'm sad to say the story within Need for Speed: Carbon just isn't as pleasurable as last year's NFS: Most Wanted nor did the game adapt well on the Wii. While the sheer amount of content vastly outweighs Most Wanted, finishing the game requires a serious amount of patience and makes for an extremely boring ride. Additionally, the poor implementation of the Wii-mote control and the lack of multiplayer options ruin the overall experience. It's fairly easy to realize the game just isn't worth the trouble. While the Wii is currently limited in the racing games department, Carbon deserves nothing more than a rental. Stick with Excitetruck if you have a need for speed.
GameSpy (Dec 08, 2006)
Need For Speed Carbon on Wii has all the ingredients that made the other versions great. Because of the wonky motion control, however, I recommend you skip it in favor of more traditional means of control. Mastering it is just too big of a hassle, and every other platform's offering has better multiplayer options anyway (a little thing called online).
Pro-G (Dec 20, 2006)
Need for Speed Carbon is one of those games that simply isn't best played on the Wii. Racing games are yet to prove themselves on the system, and Carbon is another that suffers due to the Wii's controllers. Control issues aside, it's another solid racer from EA, and the Auto-Sculpt feature is absolutely fantastic. If you've been following the series up to this point, and were a fan of last year's Most Wanted, Carbon should be right up your alley, but the Wii version shouldn't be the version you play.
Games Master (Feb, 2007)
Steer clear of this, but don't use the remote to do so. Ha!
Nintendo Life (Apr 20, 2007)
I wish I could be more positive about this game. For a brief while it was actually quite good fun, but it suffers too heavily from the niggles that make it feel like an unfinished porting experiment. I'm sure many will love the game, and of course this is all a matter of opinion - my advice, if you like The Fast and the Furious or any of the previous Need for Speed games, buy this pre-owned.
FZ (Dec 29, 2006)
Även om Need for Speed: Carbon i sig inte är något racingspel som går till historien så är det förmodligen det bästa alternativet för dig som bara måste ha ett till din nyinköpta Wii. Det har en fungerande kontroll, rejält med innehåll och även om den visuella presentationen inte är något att hänga högst upp i julgranen så har Wii sett betydligt värre. Vill ni dock ha bäst valuta för era pengar när ni köper Need for Speed: Carbon är PC- eller Xbox 360-versionen ett betydligt bättre alternativ.