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Title Screen
Selecting the amount of players
Ok there's half of the plot
And wad'ya know, the other half of the plot is bad guys jump out of the cake and kidnap Princess Peach.
World 1-1 looks familiar
After the..flying boat? Ok.
Two new items, The penguin suit and the helicopter cap
Your basic Mario overworld
You can get into the background in some levels
Spend your star coins at Peach's Castle to view hint videos
A tricky airborne level
Pick up and throw a POW block to kill anything onscreen
Four-player action
Win some items in the minigame
Course clear!
Freezing fish in an underwater level
Desert world
Minigame - using Wiimote tilt the cannon and shoot to get 1-up(s)
Yoshi makes a guest appearance
A bossfight
Snow world
Penguin suit is really useful in some places
As expected there are a lot of secret passages and fake walls
There's an invincibility star, beware you ghosts!
Super guide feature - let Luigi show you how to do it right
There's a way to fly even without a propeller cap
And the level goes kaboom!
Items menu - use on the overworld map
Airship level
Recommended courses for multiplayer Coin Battle
Propeller cap in action
Tilt the Wiimote to rotate the lights
World select
Jumping between water bubbles suspended in the air (don't ask)
Move and tilt the platform as you wish
World 8 action
Star coins collection progress
I think I need a special costume to get that star coin
Warp cannon to world 5