Advertising Blurbs - Playstation 2:
    Professor Calamitous has constructed a vast army of evil toys based on the Nicktoons Heroes, and launched them on a multi-dimensional invasion! Help the Nicktoons stop his diabolical plan and defeat their duplicates! Play as SpongeBob, Tak, Jimmy Neutron or the rest of their pals to face their toughest battle ever!

    - 10 playable NicktoonsCharacters including newcomers Tak and Stimpy - more than ever before!

    - All-new mechanical combat or "mech" suits equipped with upgradeable weapons that allow the Nicktoons to battle their evil duplicates.

    - Tons of bonus items, including new playable Nicktoons characters, all-new costumes, cool behind-the-scenes images from the game, Nick-themed pick-ups and more!

    - 2-Player Cooperative Modes in Bonus levels

    - Over 5 different worlds to explore including a toy factory with evil versions of our favorite characters.

    - New gameplay: Hero Zones - SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, and Tak areas that require the unique special power of each character!

    Contributed by DreinIX (9499) on Jan 05, 2009.