Paradroid Ad Blurbs (Wii)

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Advertising Blurbs – Wii (UK):
    The droid crew of a galactic space freighter have turned against their masters and eradicated every human crew member!

    A prototype droid named "Influence Device" has been beamed aboard the ship to help you regain control of the situation. Use the Influence Device to destroy the droids by shooting or ramming them.

    Take temporary control of an enemy droid's circuitry to use its energy and armaments against its own kind. Your aim: Eliminate all droids on each of the space freighter's 16 decks!

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5100) on Aug 21, 2008.

Game Advert:
    Beam aboard our giant space freighter for glaactic action that'll leave you breathless!

    Your mission is to clear the ship of crazed droids using a new gadget called an Influence Device. You are weak so you must trap a droid and take control through mental fusion. Blast other droids to clear the ship. Be warned, your droid will soon become exhausted so you have to keep transferring. What's more, droids are graded in strength. You have to decide in a few milli-seconds whether you can tackle the next approaching droid: any mistake could crush you utterly!

    There's a consul for checking droid status, but you'll have to chase them from the engine room to the bridge - it's a tough mission!

    Spectacular graphics spread over 18 decks with constantly updated status menus and exciting sound make Paradroid compulsive playing. Find out how your brain power compares with a droid today!

    For the Commodore 64 £7.95


    Contributed by necronom (76) on May 25, 2003.