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Top marks go to Konami here - this is how yearly updates should always be handled.
3D Juegos (Mar 28, 2009)
PES 2009 añade nuevos modos, estilos de juego y alineaciones a un videojuego que hace un año nos hizo ver el fútbol de otra manera gracias a un wiimote. El fútbol de pizarra que fusiona perfectamente la visión de un jugador y de un entrenador se mejora en esta edición y arroja síntomas de querer seguir evolucionando en el futuro. Si Konami aplicara la misma filosofía de innovación a todas las plataformas, seguramente la serie PES nunca hubiera sufrido tantos altibajos.
All in all, PES 2009 is one of the best sports titles to release this calendar year. In fact, I would say it definitely rivals FIFA 2009 and even NHL 2009. What a surprise! Now I can't wait for the 2010 version to come out to see how this title matures on the system.
IGN (Mar 19, 2009)
Pro Evo Soccer 2009 is an extremely fun soccer game. It has a ton of features, even if the bulk of them are unchanged from last year’s game (less the new UEFA Champions mode) but that doesn’t make them any less fun. The one caveat to buying Pro Evo 2009 goes to those who already own last year’s version. Unless you’re a diehard soccer fan who needs that UEFA license, you may just want to stick with the version you have. But if you’ve a soccer nut don’t let the initial shock of the user interface and control scheme throw you, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on the Wii presents some of the most realistic soccer in gaming.
85 (Apr 09, 2009)
Pro Evolution Soccer Playmaker 2009 stupisce meno dello scorso anno, incanalandosi lungo la medesima strada tracciata dal predecessore, ma allo stesso tempo appare come un prodotto più ricco e maturo. I principali difetti presenti nel precedente capitolo (multiplayer, tiro, difesa, modalità di gioco) sono stati risolti, alcuni in maniera del tutto convincente, altri un po' meno, ma l'insieme dell'offerta è senza dubbio altrettanto unico, e anche maggiormente conscio di sè stesso. Un prodotto che solo su Wii può essere vissuto, e che riesce a far fronte ad alcune inevitabili mancanze rispetto alla struttura classica di gioco con una organizzazione di gameplay convincente, originale e finalmente matura. Da non perdere per un appassionato di calcio alla ricerca di un prodotto capace di uscire dagli schemi con profondità invidiabile.
82 (Mar 24, 2009)
Es gibt derzeit kein besseres Fußballspiel für Wii - und Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 erreicht sogar die höchste Wertung, die wir bisher im Jahr 2009 für Nintendos Konsole vergeben haben! Trotzdem verpassen die Japaner den Gold-Award, weil die Steuerungszusätze nicht effizient genug sind - man könnte auch von einer gut gemeinten Verschlimmbesserung sprechen. Man braucht für diesen anspruchsvollen Kick samt Echtzeiteingriffen in die Laufwege ohnehin mehr Zeit, weil die Hand-Auge-Koordination hier viel stärker gefordert wird als mit einem Gamepad; das führt auch dazu, dass einige Finessen auf der Strecke bleiben. Das Spielgefühl ist deshalb eher anstrengend, konzentriert und weniger euphorisch als auf den großen Konsolen, weil es an eindeutigen und klaren Manövern fehlt. Trotzdem ist es lobenswert, dass Konami der innovativen Steuerung treu bleibt und diese vor allem in der Defensive um das Vor-den-Mann-Laufen verfeinert.
80 (Mar 26, 2009)
PES 2009 on Wii doesn't do enough to justify a purchase if you've got last year's effort. Crucially, attacking is still miles better than defending, despite the control tweaks (something we hope Konami sorts out for the next game). However, if you've become disillusioned with PES on 360 or PS3, the Wii version's a great alternative. It's not better than FIFA 09 next-gen, and it'll take a bit of getting used to, but with time and effort you'll find it the most rewarding virtual game of football around.
Level 7 (Apr 06, 2009)
Att styra ett helt fotbollslag genom att peka hur de ska springa, passa och skjuta tar lång tid att lära sig och kan vara frustrerande svårt de första timmarna. Har du en "Classic Controller" till din Wii kan du dock förvandla det till en oväntat lyckad variant på PES till PS2 och det nya spelläget Champions Road är kul för oss master league-fans. Hade spelet bara haft stöd för två spelare i samma lag i annat än enskilda matcher hade det här varit en riktig fullträff. Nu är det bara väldigt bra.
Vandal Online (Mar 30, 2009)
En conclusión, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 es la nueva apuesta de Konami en el terreno de juego para la consola de Nintendo que, pese a no ser el juego de fútbol definitivo, sí que plantea numerosos modos de juego atractivos para el aficionado. Estamos, pues, ante un buen título de fútbol, con un control más que bueno (pese a que es posible que se nos atragante en una primera toma de contacto), una puesta en escena de lo más satisfactoria y, cómo no, una buena dosis de adrenalina si nuestro equipo está en juego.
80 (UK) (Mar 23, 2009)
Overall, viewed in a broader context than simply its Wii competition, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is still second best to the excellent FIFA 09 on PS3 and 360, but while I certainly wouldn't make it my only football game, it's still sufficiently different that it complements EA's game and transcends the many competitive disadvantages PES 2009 faces on those consoles. Given the learning curve, some will continue to side with EA and Activision's assertion that Wii games shouldn't be made this way, but the difference here is that Konami's wilfully obscure controls unlock things about the sport that a traditional control system cannot, and for that reason PES 2009 for Wii comes strongly recommended. There's still a fair bit for Konami to sort out, and if you're still happily enjoying the first PES Wii game you might wonder if you need this one at all, but if you like the sound of the things that have changed then you have your answer.
80 (Jun 28, 2009)
If you're looking for a fun soccer game, and all you have is a Wii, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is the way to go. With precise playmaker controls that allow you to control everyone, you really have a lot of power over what goes on. It truly is a soccer RTS game. And although the other control mode disappoints and the graphics don't fair well, it's still an entertaining experience overall, and worth checking out if you need some fresh Wii action, or are a fan of soccer.
GameSpot UK (Jul 08, 2009)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 offers improvements and more variation to what was already a great control scheme and adds authenticity and longevity thanks to the inclusion of the Champions League and Master League modes. Combine this with a strong suite of existing offline and online game modes, and it makes a compelling package for any football fan. This year's instalment raises the bar for football games on the Wii, and regardless of whether or not you played last year's version, it's well worth checking out.
Video Game Generation (Aug 17, 2009)
However, of the few titles I have had the pleasure of playing, I must say that Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is right there at the top - number one with a bullet, as they say. On the Nintendo Wii, it may lack the power (and a mode or two) of the other systems, but it more than makes up for such shortcomings thanks to some truly fantastic controls. Mind you, there are other problems that simply can't be excused, namely the complete mess that makes up the offline multiplayer or the truly flabbergasting appearance of the stadium crowds, but if you can look past that there really is a quality product here. Outside of the controls, this game has a ton of replay value - thanks to a number of offline modes and an online multiplayer component that is relatively hassle free (even if it is still lacking in a few respects) – and is sure to tide over fans of the series until the next installment.
XGN (May 04, 2009)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 vraagt veel van je concentratie en je moet op veel dingen letten. Zo moet je lopen, spelers aanwijzingen geven en de bal spelen in een paar seconden. Voor een voetbalgame werkt de besturing erg goed en maakt de ervaring ook wat uitdagender en leuker, maar de geluiden en beelden zijn helaas van een wat mindere kwaliteit. De woorden die Jeffry in de reportage aangeeft zijn dan ook door mij bestempeld als waar.
70 (Mar 24, 2009)
En testant PES 2008, nous avions senti un potentiel qui ne demandait qu'à être exploité. Avec PES 2009, on se rapproche petit à petit d'un très bon jeu de foot. Plus équilibré et moins frustrant que la version 2008, celui-ci offre sans hésitation de bien meilleures sensations. Certes, le tutoriel est toujours aussi mal fichu et maladroitement localisé, certes tout n'est pas encore ultra intuitif... Demeure pourtant un titre franchement sympa que les joueurs Wii se doivent d'essayer avant, peut-être de l'adopter, en attendant encore mieux.