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Pokémon Rumble (Wii)

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Nintendo Life
It's difficult to find much wrong with Pokémon Rumble: everything it does is done quite well, and one can really only take issue with the things the game doesn't do. The gameplay might be limited, but it's a solid and fun gameplay experience, and what it lacks in depth it makes up for in accessibility, frantic action, and an excellent multiplayer mode. As one of the longer, more-replayable titles on the WiiWare service, Pokémon Rumble comes recommended.
Frais et extraordinairement accessible, Pokémon Rumble ravira autant les amateurs de beat'em all minimalistes que les Pokémaniaques compulsifs. Certes, ses divers niveaux sont répétitifs et son système de jeu ne brille pas par sa profondeur mais quel bonheur de diriger son Pikachu en temps réel à la Wiimote !
Cheat Code Central
Pokémon Rumble isn't great, but it could have been. More dungeon variety, along with more interesting dungeon design would have been a good start, and not to sound like a broken record, but come on already, Nintendo, with the whole online thing. The real problem with the game, though, is its price. With what it currently has to offer, Pokémon Rumble would be a hard sell at 1000 Wii Points; at 1500, the price is borderline obscene. There's definitely fun to be had here, but it just doesn't feel like you're getting your money's worth.
If you're a pretty big Pokemaniac with a lot of friends (oxymoron, I know), then Pokemon Rumble might keep you entertained enough for a purchase. But note that I'm a pretty big Pokemon nut and even I got bored well before this game was even halfway done. There's just not enough depth to the game to make it interesting to the older Pokemon fans, or really anyone that doesn't squeal excitedly when they see a Pikachu. Honestly I recommend the free downloadable demo since you get most of the experience right there, and it's cheap as free.
Les Pokémon rencontrés, le décor et la musique ont beau varier selon le thème, les zones ne diffèrent pas vraiment les unes des autres et sont toutes aussi linéaires les unes que les autres. En outre, six niveaux, c'est très peu, même si on est amené à les traverser plusieurs fois et à battre différents boss Pokémon géants pour passer au rang supérieur. Grâce à son concept accrocheur et son gameplay simple et dynamique basé sur les types et les attaques habituelles de la série, Pokémon Rumble parvient néanmoins à scotcher le pokémaniaque, d'autant plus que le mode multijoueur, qui allie coopération et versus et qui peut réunir jusqu'à quatre compères, est une petite réussite.
Gauntlet with Pokemon is at least something different, but it's too repetitive and shallow to really work.