Punch-Out!! Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Selecting my first opponent; Glass Joe from the NES original
Each fighter has an amusing, comic-style introduction
Round 1
Opponents usually have an opening taunt while entering the ring. Glass Joe's is especially lame.
Left jab to the face..
..Followed by a shot to the abdomen
Missed me!
And counter. Now he's seein' the birds!
Ouch. That's gotta hurt
And he is down!
He's up for more and I'm out of stamina. I'll need to dodge a few shots before I can attack again.
The referee still somewhat resembles Mario
Glass Joe aint' lookin' too good.
Mac is doing fine though, almost assuredly a result of the sage like advice of Doc Louis
At the start of round two he does a dance. Very intimidating Joe...
About to use Star Power. What is it with Nintendo and Star Power?
And boom goes the dynamite
As well as some croissants it seems..
"Adriaaan!" No wait, wrong boxing franchise.
Post round statistics. With some encouraging words from the Doc