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Edge (Dec 22, 2007)
Minor gripes aside, Rock Band with four players in the same room is quite something to be a part of, a game not only an evolution of the genre but of the social side of gaming itself. If the whole caboodle is a little unwieldy to set up then that’s the price that has to be paid for a unique experience – and if it falls short of perfection, that’s only because it aims so high. Finally, we should say that playing Rock Band at less than eardrum-shattering volume is doing both your band and the game a massive disservice. Turn. It. Up.
90 (Nov 13, 2008)
Ich habe also Rockband. Endlich. All das Warten. Und jetzt ist es hier – in meinem Zimmer. In meiner Konsole. War es das Warten wert? Definitiv! Wäre es das Geld wert, wenn ich für die Instrumente den vollen Preis hätte zahlen müssen und dann noch das Spiel dazu? Ganz ehrlich: Diese Frage kann ich nicht beantworten. Das Geld dafür hätte ich dieses Jahr nämlich nicht mehr. Vielleicht sollte hier auch bei den Publishern ein Umdenkprozess eingeleitet werden. Man vergrault sich damit nur Fans und im Fachjargon "Kundschaften". Zum Spiel selbst: Das Beste was Harmonix je vorgebracht hat. Jeder der Geld und die Möglichkeit hat, Weihnachten steht ja bekanntermaßen vor der Tür, sollte hier zugreifen. Dann kann man sorglos wohl auch zu Rockband 2 greifen, was ja gegen Ende dieses Monats erscheint.
GamePro (US) (Jun 30, 2008)
Still, despite a few obvious limitations, it's still Rock Band, which means it's a fantastic gaming experience that's great played solo or with friends. The Wii's a great party console as it is and Rock Band is a powerful addition to the arsenal. The only reason a Wii owner has to not invest in Rock Band is if they already own the 360 or PS3 version; otherwise, it's a no-brainer for sure.
GamingTrend (Aug, 2008)
If the guitar gets a tad better, and the drums a little more ... well more, then I'd have to give it aces nearly everywhere. These minor control detractions and the lack of downloadable content make the Wii slightly less cool than the other versions. However, since you didn't spend $400+ on one of those uber-space-age consoles you are still ahead of the competition.
The intensity of playing with other musicians in a real rock group and performing live is a serious rush, and Rock Band emulates the same vibe with incredible precision. The Wii version is not perfect, but the game is easily as enjoyable and addictive as it is on other consoles. It's an awesome way for gamers to rock out in groups, short of starting their own cover band. The gameplay is tight, the song list is excellent, and it's tough to put down once you get sucked in.
Nintendojo (2008)
But that doesn't mean it's bad. The variety of drumming doubles the longevity, so to say. If you like to sing, then you have another layer to work through, and the overall formula is as solid and fun as ever. With more music games on the horizon, including a full band of instruments in the next Guitar Hero, it may come down to how bad you need a new music game right now. If Wii is you're only system and you have the cash, it's probably worth it. On its own, it's a solid entry, although there are also a lot of other competing music games out there.
Gameplanet (Nov 07, 2008)
A lot of these music simulation games have come under fire from real musicians who in some way believe they're responsible for the dumbing down of the creative process behind music. It's a shame that such an argument is even angled in the direction of a platform that is so firmly ensconced in the entertainment sector that it's basically this decade's answer to Twister. Like all good social gaming experiences, it's absolutely not to be taken seriously, and exists solely to provide a lot of laughs and foster appreciation towards the artists who created the music in the first place. Rock Band excels in the only way that matters to gamers - it's a hell of a lot of fun.
Rock Band represents exactly what most people who own a Wii are looking for. This is cooperative gaming at its best – the perfect party game for friends, family, and new gamers alike. Even with its regrettable omissions, Rock Band has a broad audience of Wii owners just waiting in the wings to get their chance on stage.
82 (Oct 14, 2008)
Das Grundkonzept mit Band-Dynamik geht nach wie vor auf und ist mit über 60 Songs ein Party-Unterhaltungs-Garant, doch der eingeschränkte Umfang drückt den Spielspaß merklich. Vor allem die auf das vergleichsweise trockene Niveau der Einzelspieler-Karriere zurückgestufte World Tour zieht die Motivation nach unten. Und das Rock Band auf Wii schließlich und endlich sogar an Gold scheitert, liegt an weiteren wichtigen Kleinigkeiten. Dazu gehören z.B. die wegrationalisierte Online-Funktionalität sowie die fehlende Möglichkeit, eigene Charaktere zu erstellen und zu personalisieren. Und obendrauf fehlt auch noch das letzte Quentchen Stimmung in Form einer einwandfreien Akustik. Die mitsingenden Zuschauer auf PS3 und 360 bieten Gänsehautmomente, auf die Wii-Musiker verzichten müssen. So ist Rock Band auf der Nintendo-Konsole „nur“ noch ein richtig gutes Spiel mit guter bis sehr guter Hardware.
GamesRadar (Jun 23, 2008)
Expect this to be the hot holiday gift and party activity - playing rock and roll fantasy camp in your own living room is a thrill that can't be denied. The experience is well worth its $169 asking price (in the US, at least) and makes for one of the most rewarding co-op events you could ask for. This is the perfectly polished, logical extension of what Guitar Hero started and where the music genre needed to go. It's a real shame to see the Wii version stripped of some of the game's best features, but it still just flat-out rocks.
Daily Game (Aug 25, 2008)
The need to calibrate is annoying, but the scaled-down aspects are moot with Wii owners, and the multiplayer aspects are perfectly suited for the Wii in general.
GameDaily (Jun 29, 2008)
Although it rocks a little less than its counterparts on the Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts, Rock Band on the Wii is still a must-have party game. Its instruments work well, there are plenty of songs to rock out to and the multiplayer component is irresistible. It may not have the greatest stage presence, but it still puts on a heck of a show.
GameSpy (Jun 26, 2008)
We've played dozens of hours of Rock Band across three platforms since its launch late last year, so we've gotten used to the subtle nuances that differentiate each version. We're mostly happy with the Wii edition, and we're glad to see that Pi Studios has done a good job adapting Harmonix's party favorite to Nintendo's console. There are calibration and audio problems unique to the Wii, but overall it's still quite a solid experience. Even if it's not quite as technologically advanced as its HD cousins, the Wii version of Rock Band is another great addition to the console's lineup of social games.
It is sort of a bummer not having that extra ounce of immersion that comes from seeing your personalized character kicking a tasty jam on stage or purchasing new guitars and outfits with money earned from a good night's rocking, and not having access to new songs every week means you will be stuck with the same set of songs until expansion packs are released. However, if you have never played Rock Band before, and you need to get your rock fix while you wait for the online-supported Guitar Hero World Tour, then these bells and whistles will quickly fade from your mind the moment you and your friends find your groove on a classic tune.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2008)
Thanks to a lack of online play and a stripped-down feature set, the Wii version of Rock Band isn't the best one available. But that doesn't mean it's not a great game; it absolutely is. Whether you're a lone rocker or have more band members than Parliament Funkadelic, there are dozens of hours of entertainment to be found here. Short of signing with a shady manager, developing a substance abuse problem, and dying tragically young in some sort of transit accident, there's no better way to live the life of a rock star.
75 (Sep 06, 2008)
Lacking the features and style that made the PS3 and 360 versions so loved, it's hard to consider the game a comparable Wii title. However, the core concept is there in terms of solid, rhythmic gameplay for a whole family's worth of people to get in on, and with such the case, it's hard to completely shun. It's fun, but it's not the Rock Band experience.
70 (UK) (Jan 22, 2009)
Otherwise, hold off. Rock Band for Wii may not have been stripped down to the point where it's no longer enjoyable, but this is a pretty lazy conversion. Unless you're in a hurry or you plan to buy both games eventually anyway, you're better off waiting for Rock Band 2.
1UP (Jul 03, 2008)
Some of the other missing pieces from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions -- no online play, no create-a-rocker, and a streamlined career mode where you no longer have to earn fans and money to progress -- actually don't bother me quite so much. The core of Rock Band is as stellar on Wii as it is anywhere. Sure, the low-def graphics will hurt the eyes of those who care about such things, but it's not like the game looks awful. Plus, the white drum set just looks cool and feels slightly sturdier than its black predecessor. Still, the big question remains: With Rock Band 2 coming to Wii in a matter of months, is this really the best time to ask people to buy a bunch of expensive peripherals that are on the verge of being bested by their next-gen counterparts? (While the first game's instruments will work with Rock Band 2, the sequel will come with new -- and improved -- peripherals.) Buyer beware!