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Hardcore puzzle fans who also like to dig into adventure titles now and then will find Safecracker to be quite a refreshing and enjoyable challenge - one that can be gruelingly difficult at times. The variety found in most puzzles is enough to keep players from getting bored in that area, though folks used to more excitement and stimulation may find the game lacking. Players with only a passing interest in tough puzzles with a mild adventure flavor should steer clear. Otherwise, it's a good title that fits a very specific niche.
GameZone (Jan 08, 2009)
Safecracker offers plenty of puzzle-solving fun on the Wii. While the game itself isn’t any different from any other puzzle game on the PC, it is different from most offerings on the Wii, which are mainly platform, action or shooter games. Anyone looking for a change of pace and who enjoys challenging puzzles may well be pleased with this game.
Video Game Talk (Dec 21, 2008)
I'm a sucker for a good puzzle, and this game offers up plenty of them, but once you figure them out, there's nothing left. Your average issue of Games offers up far more challenges for a fraction of the price, which makes this an easy recommendation as a rental, but a bit tougher as a purchase, even if the combo of the puzzles and family story are a fun mix. Your mileage will vary depending on how much you love doing battle with mind games.
NintendoWorldReport (Mar 23, 2009)
And in the end, that's all Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure is: the lonely home of an eccentric billionaire, with puzzles and safes to unlock in every room. There's enough in that set-up for a few hours of genuine do-it-yourself puzzling. But if you're looking for anything other than that, you may just find Safecracker unsolvable.
Worth Playing (Jan 12, 2009)
Safecracker for the Wii is a game that suffers from poor production values and limited gameplay. The puzzles are fun the first time around, but the poor porting of the game to the Wii greatly hinders the game, as do the already sub-par production values. If you can get past the nonexistent story, lengthy load times and aggravating audio, there's some good point-and-click puzzle adventuring to be had here. Once all is said and done, though, Safecracker isn't going to be worth most people's time, and the title probably should have stayed on the PC.
Game Shark (Jan 29, 2009)
because you’re busy trying to line up the cursor just right.

There is no reason to purchase Safecracker for the Wii. The puzzles are exactly the same in both versions, as are the graphics. There’s no noticeable loading screen lag in the PC version, and it’s much easier to play with a good old mouse. You don’t need a fancy gaming computer either, since the original version only needs 64 MB of RAM and a Pentium 3. It also works on XP and even older operating systems -- even Windows 98. Oh, and did I mention that the PC version is half the price of the Wii version? A quick look at Amazon shows that Safecracker for the Wii costs $30 while the PC version is $15. Vista users are in even greater luck, as a downloadable version is available at Big Fish Games ( for as low as $7. The Wii version simply does not measure up.