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Nintendo Life (Apr 14, 2009)
The Samurai Shodown series has considerable depth and rewards those willing to invest time and effort in perfecting each fighter and exploring the myriad of gameplay possibilities. Sticking six fighting games from the same franchise on one disc is a risky proposition as there is a good chance people will simply play one game and ignore the rest; thankfully here that shouldn’t be an issue, as practically every title in the Samurai Shodown bloodline is worthy of inspection. If you consider yourself to be a fighting game connoisseur, and you have like-minded friends that enjoy a good digital scrap, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this.
IGN (Apr 15, 2009)
For $30, Samurai Shodown is packing quite a lot of classic 2D fighting into one package, which I always appreciate. But the super fuzzy sprites just don't look as nice anymore, especially in Samurai Shodown VI when they sit on the title's surprisingly slick backgrounds. Then again, hardcore fighting game fans rarely commit to the experience because of the graphics -- it's all about gameplay. This anthology has the classic gameplay some of you will recognize and that in itself is the game's main selling point. Everyone else will feel very overwhelmed upon booting up the game. But at least we can all take solace in Iroha's ridiculous charm.
70 (Apr 21, 2009)
Anthology è sicuramente un titolo imperdibile per tutti coloro che hanno amato la saga di SNK Playmore. A un buon prezzo, infatti, vi porterete a casa l’intera saga con tutti i capitoli emulati alla perfezione. Naturalmente il prezzo da pagare è la necessità di possedere il Classic Controller. La raccolta è in definitiva consigliata agli amanti dei picchiaduro in due dimensioni: non ha solo un valore puramente storico, ma rende possibile la scoperta di una saga dal gusto molto particolare. Sconsigliato a priori invece a chi non ama il genere o ai videogiocatori dotati di poco tempo o pazienza. La via del samurai è particolarmente ardua, e prima di ottenere dei risultati soddisfacenti dovrete venire a patti con molte sconfitte.
When updating interfaces and control schemes to work on newer consoles, the appeal of re-releases such as this can sometimes become lost in translation, as games often just don't run smoothly or become tacked-on with useless extras. While issues with framerate occur, it's not common enough to ruin the experience of playing through this historic and sometimes unnecessarily overlooked game series. Those who have been longing to complete their Samurai Shodown collection and its cast of legendary characters should pick this one up.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 27, 2010)
The controls a little cumbersome, incorporating two new buttons for "spirits use" and "item use". Despite the added complexity, Shodown is a return to form for the series, and is quite fun to play. The only thing missing from Samurai Shodown Anthology is an easy way to view your high scores. Overall this is a great value for collectors and gamers with a sense of history.