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60 (Apr 18, 2008)
Mit einem guten Gefühl im Magen aufgrund der mehr als ordentlichen Nintendo DS-Version habe ich mich auf die Testsessions der Wii-Version gefreut und wurde nicht enttäuscht. Die Steuerung ist wesentlich besser als bei der Konkurrenz aus dem eigenen Haus Arctic Tale auch wenn mir auch hier ein Nunchuk Einsatz lieber gewesen wäre. Das Suchen nach neuen Fossilien und die Jagd nach den verschiedenen Beutetieren sind wirklich gut gelungen. Trotzdem hat mir die Handheldversion doch etwas mehr Freude bereitet, wodurch bei der Endwertung der Wii-Version der entsprechende Wertungspunkt zur Nintendo DS-Version fehlt.
DS-x2 (Jun 23, 2008)
There isn't really that much to do in this game. The pluses are that changing monsters dramatically effects game play, which is cool. Unfortunately, that the only major change. The game is swim, swim, eat, fight, eat, swim. I enjoyed this game style, but I doubt most people will. There are a few surface impact glitches here and there but they do not affect game play. At least this game appears to be pretty glitch less and solid. So I did enjoy it and I would say to try this game if you want a different, fun experience that's not too difficult or frustrating. The length of the game is appropriate and can be finished in 4 to 5 hours. Worth the money, but this game has a different feel than most.
IGN (Jun 13, 2008)
Even if you share the same sort of fascination with ancient aquatic fauna that I do, there's really no reason to throw down cash for either version of the game. Yes, the Wii version makes the PS2 one look like a sick joke, but a pile of crap that's twice as nice as the pile sitting next to it is, in the end, still a pile of crap. It might be worth a rental, tops, but avoid actually paying money to own it.
ZTGameDomain (Feb 10, 2008)
Perhaps my biggest pet peeve with Sea Monsters is that it could be so much more. Sure, it was never destined to be a AAA title, but it with the inspired source material, it could have at least been a decent and game that actually served to educate kids at the same time. Instead, we get a game that no one, should ever play. Ever.
20 (Feb 18, 2008)
Ik zal Sea Monsters meegeven dat het nog enige educationele waarde biedt over de relevantie van fossielen en het besef dat de wereld er in een andere tijd heel anders uit heeft gezien. National Geographic laat echter veel kansen liggen om daadwerkelijke kennis over te brengen. Het spel is daarnaast gewoon erg slecht en zal kinderen voornamelijk leren dat niet alles op de Wii leuk is. Ook een wijze les.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 05, 2008)
The controls are awful, thanks to an uncooperative camera that makes navigating each angular passage a disorienting experience. The fossil construction screens are the worst. Although a "drag and drop" interface is provided, you can never put pieces where you want them to go, and even placing the "wildcard fossils" is an exercise in frustration. And don't even get me started about the worthless tutorial. Sure it tells you how to swim (duh!), but how do I battle predators? How do I replenish those three annoying health meters in the corner of the screen? You're on your own, kid. Fine print in the manual explains there's an auto-save feature, but some kind of save indicator on the screen would have been nice. Simply put, Sea Monsters is an atrocity of prehistoric proportions. If a Plesiosaur ever saw this game, he'd be petrified.