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    Am Morgen des 30. Juni 1908 beobachten hunderte Augenzeugen undefinierbare und noch nie gesehene Himmelserscheinungen im Tunguska-Gebiet. Nur wenige Minuten später erschüttern mehrere gewaltige Explosionen mit der Zerstörungskraft von 2.000 Hiroshima-Bomben die Stille der endlosen Weiten des mittelsibirischen Berglandes.

    Fast 100 Jahre später erinnert sich kaum noch jemand an diese Katastrophe. Auch Nina Kalenkow nicht – bis ihr Vater plötzlich verschwindet und geheimnisvolle Gestalten in schwarzen Roben dunkle Schatten auf die Vorstadtidylle werfen. Schatten aus der Vergangenheit? Lüfte eines der größten Geheimnisse unserer Zeit! Begleite die Heldin Nina auf einem packenden Abenteuertrip rund um den Globus.

    Contributed by jaXen (28555) on Dec 29, 2013.

Back of Case - DS (Europe):

    1908, Siberia, Tunguska region: A massive explosion of unknown origin triggers a flaming inferno and leaves death and destruction in its wake. Almost 100 years later, this mysterious catastrophe is barely remembered. Even Nina Kalenkov knows nothing of it - until her scientist father suddenly vanishes without a trace.

    Accompany Nina and her boyfriend Max on a fascinating voyage of adventure all around the world. Follow the trace of the kidnappers through ancient secret passageways in Irish castle ruins, through the flickering heat of Cairo and aboard the legendary Trans-Siberian Railroad. You will soon find there is more at stake here than a single human life.

    Experience a classic adventure with a genuine movie feeling.

    Contributed by PolloDiablo (16600) on Jan 14, 2009.

Inside and Back Covers - Windows (US/Can):



    On June 30th, 1908 an explosion with the combined power of 2,000 atomic bombs rocked the region of Tunguska wiping out over 2,300 square miles of trees.

    The explosion could be heard from 600 miles away. Eye witnesses say that they saw a large object fall from the sky which was illuminated in a bluish-white light. A dark mushroom-shaped cloud was followed by a 12 mile high column of light.

    To date, what happened on that day still remains a mystery...

    Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure, as you race against time to uncover a global conspiracy that will carry you to the far reaches of the world.

    Do you have what it takes to solve the Tunguska mystery?

    Contributed by Jeanne (75402) on Apr 05, 2007.

Adventure Gamers News Item (Sept. 7, 2006):

    Secret Files: Tunguska delayed in UK
    Publisher scraps faulty shipment to correct production error

    The release of Secret Files: Tunguska experienced a setback today, as Deep Silver announced a delay of approximately two weeks in the UK.

    While delays are commonplace and two weeks is negligible, the notable aspect of today's announcement is the reason behind the wait. On the game's official forum, Deep Silver's Community Manager Daniel Oberlerchner revealed that with the game already printed, packaged, and ready for distribution, a bug was noticed that prevented two cutscenes from triggering properly. Rather than proceed to ship a faulty product to unsuspecting customers, the publisher decided to scrap the entire initial production and correct the error before releasing the game to the public.

    In an ideal world, a publisher releasing only technically stable products wouldn't be news at all, of course. However, in an industry where "release now, patch later" often seems to be the operating principle, any publisher showing a commitment to quality deserves to be commended.

    The new tentative release date for Secret Files: Tunguska in the UK is September 29th. The North American version of the game is targeted for the middle of this month.

    Contributed by Jeanne (75402) on Sep 14, 2006.
    Nina is torn from her day-to-day routine when she discovers that her father has disappeared without a trace. As the police seem reluctant to help her, Nina sets off to look for clues relating to her father's whereabouts. She joins efforts with Max Gruber, a young colleague of her father who impulsively offers to help the attractive young lady.

    Together, they quickly determine that Nina's father was involved with a research expedition to Siberia in an attempt to reveal the causes of the mysterious Tunguska catastrophe of 1908. In that mysterious event, a mighty explosion triggered an inferno that decimated the land of Tunguska. Nina and Max soon realize that her father's disappearance is related to the Tunguska event and the search for answers leads Nina and Max to the most remote corners of the world – Berlin, Moscow, Cuba, China, and the Antarctic. Powerful adversaries are also interested in Nina's father's secret. In the end, much more is at stake than just the disappearance of an old man.

    • 110 highly detailed and atmospheric pre-rendered backgrounds
    • 25 per Motion Capturing film-like animated 3D-figures
    • Real-time lighting and shadow effects of the 3D-figures
    • Atmospheric weather effects (e.g. snow and rain)
    • Backgrounds that can be scrolled over several screen
    • Facial Animation for showing emotions and language
    • Cineastic videos for intro and cut-scenes in wide-screen perspective
    • Lighting and shadow effects in real-time
    • Powerful 3D animation system
    • Elaborate story and puzzle design
    • Living settings as a result of the many background animations

    Contributed by Jeanne (75402) on Sep 14, 2006.