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85 (Aug 06, 2010)
Shining in the Darkness est un très bon jeu, aussi charismatique et plaisant que le seront ses successeurs de la série des Shining. Ses quelques rares défauts sont intimement liés au genre dungeon-RPG qu’il représente malgré tout avec honneur. Du tout bon, donc, pour un titre malheureusement assez peu connu du grand public qui mériterait au moins autant d’égard que ses illustres successeurs.
Nintendo Life (Aug 13, 2007)
SitD is best described as a traditional Japanese role-player viewed from a first person viewpoint. It’s certainly not a Dungeon Master beater and is in fact a totally different kind of game. The main quest is pretty challenging and it will offer a fair few days enjoyment – providing you can put up with the annoying random encounters, that is. As a side note, Sega’s game was outdone by Nintendo developer HAL a short while later – their SNES role playing epic Arcana (released as The Card Master in Japan) stole several ideas from SitD, but did everything so much better. The chances of Arcana seeing a VC release are slim at best, but it’s worth searching out the SNES original if you like this kind of thing.
GameSpot (Aug 13, 2007)
Sega's role-playing Shining series got its start winding through some deep, dark corridors. Shining in the Darkness is the progenitor of the whole line, from the turn-based strategy series Shining Force to the hack-and-slashfests of Shining Soul and everything that gleams in-between. However, aside from the art and musical direction, this dungeon crawler shares little in common with its more complex descendants. This is a first-person, turn-based hack through some of the most fiendish labyrinths ever to grace the Sega Genesis, and it's a test of both perseverance and patience. There are reasons that games like this just aren't made anymore, but at 800 Wii points (about $8), if you've got a serious hankering for twisty mazes, hidden treasures, and hordes of monsters, then Shining in the Darkness can scratch the itch.
50 (UK) (Sep 07, 2007)
There's a magic kingdom, missing princess, bearded shopkeepers selling bronze daggers - everything you expect. The first-person pseudo-3D exploration makes it look more interesting than it actually is, while the turn-based combat is rudimentary. It's not a bad game, exactly, just probably only of interest to JRPG fanatics.