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Wonderwallweb.com (Jul 24, 2007)
Seeing as there are so many versions of this game out on many platforms it is hard to choose the best one, but I can assure you this is the best home console version on the market.
Nintendo Front (Oct 26, 2007)
Die Sims 2 Haustiere ist für alle Gamer empfehlenswert, die kein Lust auf die immer gleichen Ego-Shooter und Fußball-Simulationen haben. Es ist sehr motivierend und spaßig seinen Sim durch das Leben zu führen und all die kleinen Hindernisse zu überwinden, die einem perfektem Leben im Weg stehen. Die Haustiere sind dabei ein nettes Extra, das das Leben noch interessanter und abwechslungsreicher macht. Über mehr Tierrassen hätte sich aber wohl niemand beschwert. Auch wäre es schön gewesen, wenn die Grafik etwas detaillierter und schärfer wäre. Oft wirkt das Geschehen einfach zu trüb und langweilig. Ein wirklicher Griff ins Katzenklo ist die Steuerung. Diese ist einfach viel zu kompliziert und alles andere als benutzerfreundlich. Zum Glück haben diese Aussetzer nur bedingt Einfluss auf den Spielspaß –Wer also die nötige Zeit mit bringt und sich für ein virtuelles Leben mit Hund, Katze, Familie und Job vorstellen kann, der sollte zugreifen.
4Players.de (Jul 02, 2007)
Schade, dass ich meine Haustiere nicht selbst mit der Wiimote streicheln darf wie in Nintendogs. Trotzdem sind mir meine Berner-Sennen-Hündin Kati, Miez und auch ihre Besitzer ans Herz gewachsen. Am Spielkonzept hat sich zwar kaum etwas geändert, aber die tierischen Neuzugänge sind eine nette Bereicherung. Weniger positiv fällt die Steuerung auf. Sie wirkt trotz Einbindung der Fernbedienung gerade für ein an Gelegenheitsspieler gerichtetes Spiel unnötig kompliziert. Wenn ihr euch daran gewöhnt hat, erwartet euch aber eine umfangreiche Mischung aus Lebenssimulation und Aufbaustrategie, bei der ihr eine Menge selbst bestimmen dürft.
GameZone (Jun 13, 2007)
As a port, The Sims 2: Pets isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But for a new audience, there has never been a better time to try EA’s mammoth sim series. It’s just as deep and addictive as before – and now comes with a superior control style that only Wii can deliver.
Console Monster (Jul 03, 2007)
Overall this game hit’s the same high water mark that was achieved on the PC back in 2004. If this was another less impressive franchise we would not be so happy with its performance, but with the Sims we can’t deny that there is a great little game here. It should easily keep you and your family entertained through the long summer evenings. If you are not too worried about some additional music and the novel control scheme you could be better off with the Gamecube game, which by now is considerably cheaper. That said, if you want a game you can play wirelessly on the Wii then this still represents great value for money.
IGN (Jun 18, 2007)
In the case of The Sims 2: Pets, it really feels like this is a solid game that won’t get its moment in even the most remote spotlight. Its predecessors came out on last-gen systems last fall, and while the game is solid Sims action, it’s going to be outshined by My Sims; a Wii-exclusive, stylistic approach to the original design. If you’re a fan of The Sims, give this one a rental, or pick it up if you’re Sims-obsessed. The IR works great, the decent look and feel of the game is still there, and there are still dozens upon dozens of hours of play in Sims, pet, and overall world customization. The actual “pets” portion of the game is really more of an add-on to the basic Sims structure, but couple that with the other elements of the franchise and you’ve got a game that’s deep, free-form, and about as “go at your own pace” as possible. Just know there’s a stronger, Wii-specific Sims product on the way in the next few months. Most players should just wait for that.
Game Chronicles (Jul 20, 2007)
I liked the game and did become semi-addicted to it. However the game does loose it pizzazz the further you get into it. Once I reached my fire code limit and could not purchase any more items or expand my house I pretty much lost interest. The allure for this game for me was to build a super house with super stuff but eventually all I could do was upgrade, which gets boring. Plus you could play this game and never have a pet, if you wanted to.
N-Europe (Aug 02, 2007)
Unchanged graphically and audibly with the only “refinement” coming in the obligatory form of 16:9 aspect ratio and 480p resolution, hardly groundbreaking. If you have never played a Sims game before then this version is worth buying over the Gamecube iteration as the Wii control scheme is certainly more intuitive but ultimately it's another port with “waggle” and if your waiting for something new then you may wish to hold out for EA's “My Sims” a Wii exclusive take on the established formula which is set to add new life into this solid but tired franchise.
Deaf Gamers (Jul 23, 2007)
Those of you who are itching to play a version of The Sims on your Wii console might find some value in The Sims 2 Pets, after all it's a good game, just as good as the previous console versions in fact. It's just disappointing that the game is exactly the same as previous versions of The Sims 2 Pets. In fact what it does do is prove EA are correct in taking a different approach, in the form of My Sims, to cater fully for the Wii. If more versions of The Sims (not including My Sims of course) are to appear on the Wii they need to take full advantage of the control scheme that the console offers and not simply be carbon copies of versions that have appeared on other consoles.
GameSpot (Jun 14, 2007)
It's true that the pet-related content in the console versions of The Sims 2: Pets, while interesting, doesn't seem perfectly implemented. But surprisingly, the open-ended, unpredictable Sims 2 experience works much better in Pets than in any other console game. It's unfortunate that it took this long to replicate a good PC Sims experience on consoles, but if that's what you've been waiting for, you'll find it in The Sims 2: Pets. And if you're just in it for the collection and unlocking of minigames as in the previous console Sims games, you'll find those here, too.
NZGamer (Jun 30, 2007)
In the end, The Sims 2 Pets may not win any new fans due to its complex micromanagement and lack of instant accessibility. Yet for those who never tried The Sims 2 first time around, this is an opportune jumping-in point; and despite the ‘Pets’ addition to the title, this is ultimately a solid iteration of the The Sims 2 - possibly as ‘PC-perfect’ a clone as we’ll get in this console cycle.
Computer Bild Spiele (Aug 01, 2007)
PC-Besitzer kennen es, Konsolenbesitzern ist das Phänomen nicht so geläufig: Das Spiel ruckelt. Nach jedem Klick auf einen Menüpunkt, aber auch zwischendurch gibt es immer wieder störende Aussetzer und sekundenlange Nachladezeiten. Davon abgesehen ist es ein nettes Spiel, aber ohne spezielle Funktionen für die Wii-Steuerung. Umfangreich sind die Möglichkeiten, den eigenen Charakter zu gestalten, sowie die diversen Tiere und das Haus. Das macht vor allem der sicher anvisierten weiblichen Zielgruppe zwischen acht und 18 Jahren Spaß - andere Spieler könnten es eher langweilig finden, Haarfarbe, Kinnform oder die Augenstellung langwierig bis ins Detail festzulegen. Grafische Qualität und Sound sind durchschnittlich und von solider Qualität. Alles in allem nicht hundsgemein, sondern "befriedigend".
Nintendo Life (Jul 03, 2007)
Fans of The Sims will probably enjoy this game and the inclusion of pets is a big enough addition from previous version to warrant a purchase. The sheer level of detail and the amount of unlockable content will keep those who embark on the quest totally engrossed but whether you will be able to keep your cool while playing this game is another thing. As a whole, games are meant to be entertaining but I’ll go as far as to saying that I found The Sims 2: Pets a stressful experience constantly being bombarded with things to deal with and never getting to explore the areas of the game I found personally intriguing. While the hectic feel to the game is meant to build the action and create the learning curve I found this limiting the scope of the gameplay and causing for a somewhat exasperating experience.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jun 27, 2007)
Autant d'attente pour découvrir une version identique aux autres opus consoles, voilà qui est assez décevant. La Wii ne se démarque absolument pas des autres adaptations du jeu, mais comme il s'agit du premier épisode des Sims sur ce support, certains joueurs y trouveront peut-être leur compte, à défaut de pouvoir en profiter sur PC. Au prix où le titre est proposé, autant se rabattre sur l'opus GameCube, identique, deux fois moins cher et compatible avec la Wii.
FZ (Jul 11, 2007)
Har du redan The Sims 2: Pets på någon annan konsol (förutom Nintendo DS) eller PC kan du nöja dig med det, men gillar du Sims och har en Wii är det här ett säkert köp för hela familjen.
1UP (Jun 15, 2007)
The customization features alone are sufficient, especially in the cats and dogs department. But we expected this. What we didn't expect is a game asking for $50 and giving you nothing new. The upside is that this port works as Sims 2 Lite for newbies to the series; experienced users will look at this as nothing more than a mediocre entry. Overall, the experience leaves us feeling a little used and dirty...kind of like when our dog tracks mud all over the linoleum floor.
The Wiire (Aug 04, 2007)
As a stand-alone game, The Sims 2: Pets is mediocre and leaves much to be desired. Its shortcomings are painfully evident when one considers its place among the best-selling PC games of all time. Compared to the PC version, the game is awful. But, as policy here at The Wiire, the game is entirely evaluated and graded without a thought of the PC version. So let me take this moment to say this: buy the PC version, as the Wii version is nothing more than a mouse simulation in the air with an additional analog stick.