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NintendoWorldReport (Oct 18, 2012)
Skylanders Giants is a fantastic game regardless of your desire to shell out money for additional characters. Whether you have three figures or 48, this well-designed game is worth the time of kids and adults alike. Don’t scoff at its concept; you shouldn’t miss one of the best Gauntlet-esque games in years.
Quarter to Three (Oct 23, 2012)
For parents, this is a sure-fire hit. For Gamers, keep an open mind. There is something under the cuddly hood. For Gamer parents, don’t pass this up. Even as moths fly out of my empty wallet, I won’t look back. For the equivalent financial hit of a random event like a speeding ticket or a vet bill, Kiddo and I have something of immeasurable value to remember long after he’s rebelling against me as a teenager.
Nintendo Life (Nov 19, 2012)
Skylanders Giants is, at its core, a child-friendly dungeon crawler with simplistic smash-everything gameplay, but what elevates it is its understanding of its market. There's plenty of variety to keep kids entertained and loads of things to collect, all wrapped in an appealing package – and the toy aspect is still a stroke of genius, an undeniably cool idea that speaks directly to kids and big kids alike. If you or a younger member of your family is a fan of the series, this could be another expensive Christmas.
75 (Oct 19, 2012)
Skylanders Giants marche exactement sur les traces de son prédécesseur, en introduisant simplement la notion de géants, qui sont sympathiques à utiliser, mais ne bouleversent par le gameplay. Ceci dit, le titre est complet, bien calibré pour le public visé, et conserve ce concept très accrocheur de figurines (vendues cher séparément), qui raviront les enfants. On espère simplement que cette licence nous proposera un peu plus de fraîcheur lors de son prochain opus, sous peine de lasser les joueurs...
GamesRadar (Nov 08, 2012)
Skylanders Giants is essentially more of the same. Developer Toys for Bob has added more characters, collectibles, and mini games to the already solid offering of the original title, but if you were expecting the giants themselves to make a significant impact on the gameplay, you might be a little disappointed. Still, the lengthy campaign is fun while it lasts, and gathering Soul Gems, leveling up your figures, and grabbing hats is as addictive as ever.
Nintendojo (Nov 20, 2012)
Ultimately, Skylanders: Giants isn’t going to convert many gamers my age as I think we might be a little too cynical for a game that’s so blatant in its “pay-to-play” model. For kids, though, this has to be the coolest thing ever. The characters are well designed, the gameplay is fun and the technology is so intuitive that I’m astonished it was pulled off this well. If you’re looking for a game for the younger crowd, you could do much worse than Skylanders: Giants. Just know that you’re going to be paying for it.