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SSX Blur (Wii)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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SSX makes a huge comeback samsam12 (691) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall MobyScore (7 votes) 3.6

The Press Says

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Game Vortex
Sports fans and devotees of the previous SSX games will flock to this title and it also has the potential for wider appeal. Anyone with a Wii system looking for a creative game with shelf-life will find it in SSX Blur. At the end of the day it is "just" a snowboarding game, but it's probably the best executed example of a snowboarding game that I've ever played.
As sad as it may sound, SSX Blur is pure joy. The control method has lent itself perfectly to the game and it's such a hoot you'll find yourself falling in love with it very quickly. It gets worse (and by worse we mean better) when you do start to nail combos and hit Uber-Tricks with east, as by then it's already cemented itself inside your brain, and trust us, it's not going to let up. For those of you out there who like it when we're negative, we admit it's a shame that there's no WiiConnect24 functionality or Mii usage, but frankly, we don't really care. When a game provides this much satisfaction, we're more than happy to forget about what it could've done, and concentrate on its brilliance. Mark our words, EA is Nintendo's new best friend.
Armchair Empire, The
It’s not just the controls that will eventually impress gamers. Despite being a Wii-only game, SSX Blur sports some mighty high-flying graphics that wouldn’t totally be out of place on Xbox 360 or PS3. That’s not to say that SSX Blur provides eye candy on par with Gears of War or MotoStorm, but its somewhat cel-shaded, pastel-colored visuals are very well rendered and along with some breathtaking turbulence-left-in-your-wake speed effects leave an absolutely cool eye-catching impression. SSX Blur is a icy blast of refreshingly cool gaming, as you shred down snowy slopes with a Wii Nunchuk in one hand and a Wiimote in the other, watching the wintry scenery blur right by at an extreme speed.
Games Master
It's not all perfect, of course. The various menus seems to have been designed by different teams, and some require navigation by pointer, some use the D-pad, and others respond to the analogue stick. In future, please stick to one method guys. Our other gripe is the way the game opens up during play. You collect new tricks and unlock a couple of extra mountains as you go, but if you want to play with the many new characters you find, then you're back to square one. You have to repeat the entire thing with each character, which is a bit of a mean way of adding replay value. Oh well. The courses are adapted from previous SSX games, so there's every chance you'll have seen most of it somewhere before, but the new control system and trick gestures are so much fun, we can recommend it all over again even if you're an SSX veteran. All in all, a bit of a triumph, then.
Overall, I really like the direction EA took with this title. They saw what the Wii could do and it took full advantage of it in order to create something completely new and incredibly entertaining. Just don't let people scare you off the game because of the perceived difficulty (like you tried to do at the start of this article Mr. Fear Monger ??? - Ed). Unless you suffer from extreme ADD and you simply cannot spend more then 15 minutes learning a new game without being immediately rewarded, then I strongly suggest you check this game out. You won't find anything like on any other game system.
Game Over Online
SSX Blur is a fantastic first entry for the series on the Wii. EA has done a lights-out job, and for SSX fans, this is a great sign of awesome things to come. The game is flat-out hard, and again, it will take you quite some time to master. When you do, though, it is just plain fun. This is an easy recommend for any SSX fan, or anyone with a Wii, for that matter.
Game Informer Magazine
I’m happy to see that SSX is feeling a little refreshed after its tour. SSX 3 is still my favorite, and I always wanted to see a return to that entry’s style – and SSX Blur is that and more. Blur’s peaks are the same ones you logged so many hours on in SSX 3, yet this is not a complete retread.
PGNx Media
SSX Blur is one of the most entertaining games on the Wii. If it weren’t for the recycled tracks, which come from earlier SSX games, this would be a must have. The ubertricks are a little annoying to pull off and unfortunately required to get far into the game, as well.
SSX isn’t an everybody game. It isn’t Wii Sports Snowboarding, and it won’t be a no-brainer for just anyone. The game demands coordination, but is also one of the more rewarding games on Wii. Not everyone will take this new control form in stride, but for those that put in the time and really explore the depth of the game’s design, SSX Blur is one of the top titles on Wii, and a must-have for the hardcore.
Certainly SSX Blur could’ve used some tweaking in regards to the uber-impossible Ubertricks and the stress inducing slaloms, the rest of the game shows that winter sports will certainly experience a rebirth on the Wii. The controls are easy to pick up and feel very intuitive, which is a feature that doesn’t hold true to many Wii titles. With a career mode that will take hundreds of hours to complete 100% of the way and multiplayer support for up to four players, SSX Blur will undoubtedly compliment any Wii gamer’s collection.
Na bitte, es geht doch! Nachdem Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam eher für Frust statt Spaß gesorgt hat geht man beim Sportkollegen SSX Blur andere Wege: Interessante Spielmodi, ansehnliche Optik und spaßiges Gameplay sind eben wichtige Voraussetzungen für ein gutes Videospiel. Auch der Soundtrack weiß zu überzeugen, womit letzten Endes einer zwanglosen Hatz auf den Pisten eines Berges nichts mehr im Wege steht. Da die Wii-Gamereleases in letzter Zeit ohnehin rar geworden sind dürfen Besitzer des kleinen weißen Kästchens bedenkenlos zugreifen.
SSX Blur doesn't change the series as other Wii-exclusives have, but the new and unique motion controls are interesting enough to immerse you into the game. Anyone who thought the last SSX was too easy will be excited by the motion-heavy mechanics, which require more than a few shakes and waves to trigger all those cool moves the series is known for producing.
SSX Blur als einsteigerfreundlich zu bezeichnen wäre mit Sicherheit an Sarkasmus kaum noch zu überbieten. Bis man sich endgültig an die Steuerung gewöhnt hat, vergehen schon einmal einige Stunden und selbst dann gelingen Slaloms und Übertricks nicht jederzeit. Trotzdem knackt SSX Blur dank toller Grafik, einem klasse Sound und einem fantastischen Spielgefühl auf Anhieb die 80 Prozentmarke und schiebt sich dadurch, knapp vor den Genrekonkurrenten Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, auf den Thron der Trendsportspiele für den Wii.
Nintendo Life
SSX Blur is a exciting, fun game, that when played well makes you feel great! Sadly, the ubertrick controls let down the otherwise slick controller layout.
UOL Jogos
"SSX Blur" não é para os jogadores casuais. Muito pelo contrário: apenas os craques com os controles conseguirão extrair o que o game tem de melhor, mas a recompensa vale a pena. Ajustes são necessários para uma inevitável continuação, mas, nesta versão há toneladas de conteúdo à espera dos persistentes e habilidosos. É um desafio consistente e que faz jus às inovações proporcionadas pelo Wii.
Deaf Gamers
Whilst SSX Blur is certainly an enjoyable game that fans of the series will probably like, you can't help but feel it could have been better. The lack of an online multiplayer mode is unfortunate. The control scheme takes some getting used to thanks to a poor tutorial system and perseverance is called for if you want to appreciate what the game has to offer. The Ubertrick system is the one aspect of the game that most will have problems with and whether or not you enjoy SSX Blur really depends on how you get on with the Ubertrick system. Make no mistake about it, SSX Blur is a good addition to the series but it's fair to say that the control system is an acquired taste and while some will appreciate it, others will dislike it.
En prenant, pour une fois, quelques risques avec une licence qui commençait sévèrement à s’essouffler, Electronic Arts accouche d’un jeu de course arcade amusant et immersif. Contrairement à la thèse défendue par Nintendo, le système de situation dans l’espace ne facilite pas l’accès au jeu, mais force les débutants comme les pros à revoir leurs réflexes pour un plaisir décuplé. On rassurera les fans de combos et de gros spots, on tient ici un titre aussi rigolo que technique, vraiment riche pour peu qu’on accepte de gigoter un peu.
Nintendo Spin
I do like SSX Blur, but I hesitate to call it a better game than previous SSX outings. While the controls definitely offer a unique challenge and can be very rewarding, sometimes you just want to be lazy and play a relaxing snowboarding game. SSX Blur is not relaxing. It will have you on the edge of your seat, flailing your arms around like an idiot, occasionally cursing about how you can't get an uber trick to work or how the slalom races are unfair. Like most Wii games so far, there's a lot of room for improvement, but I'm still going to recommend this one to fans of extreme sports games. There's plenty to do, carving feels great, and, at the very least, you'll enjoy the music and visuals.
Gamer 2.0
While the controls could have been a lot better, SSX Blur is an admirable addition to a series that is all about having fun. Don’t let the controls drive you away from this game, as there are more goodies to be had if you just spend some time with it.
Electronic Arts hat mit SSX Blur ein solides und rasantes Snowboard-Spiel auf die Beine gestellt. Wer sich nach ein paar Momenten der Verzweiflung und einigen Stunden des Übens in das Spiel eingefunden hat, der hat richtig Spaß. Das Gesamtbild wird durch eine ordentliche Grafik und einen gelungenen Soundtrack abgerundet. Einige Wehrmutstropfen sind natürlich vorhanden, aber darüber kann man größtenteils hinwegsehen. Für Fortgeschrittene und Profis ist SSX Blur – nicht zuletzt wegen der mangelnden Alternativen – wirklich zu empfehlen.
Game Freaks 365
Unfortunately, the controls are difficult to learn and as a result SSX Blur won’t be accessible to every gamer. SSX has always been a challenging game, and Blur is no different; alongside normal challenges and a quickly increasing amount of difficulty are the new and slightly awkward control mechanics. Still, if those mechanics can be mastered, SSX Blur is a lot of fun to play. It’s impressive both visually and aurally, and is an all-around fun package. It’s definitely the Wii’s best racing title since Excite Truck.
Many reviews seem to give this game bad points due to the controls but I won't follow that. They're challenging and it will take some time to get used to them. What I do hold against the game are the often badly placed spawnpoints, buggy rails and tracks and the fact that you can't really see the "edge" of the mountains. If you go too far, you suddenly get stopped and will be placed back on a bad location.
A lot has been said of the Wii's ability to change the face of certain gaming genres, some attempts more successful than others (a competent first-person shooter wouldn't go a miss), but in the case of SSX Blur and snowboarding, the console's motion controllers really do succeed in adding a sense of freedom and, if it's applicable to a videogaming representation of a sport, a certain naturalness to proceedings, unconfined by long-established methods of control. It's not the perfect title by any means, but again, like so many sorts of games making their debut on Wii, they demonstrate great potential for what the future might hold.
Primary weaknesses of the title, beyond the learning curve, are blander-than-expected course designs, pyrotechnics and character personalities, in addition to the use of many minimally refreshed, recycled courses from older SSX titles. However, thanks to those new controls, SSX Blur is a fresh start for the franchise and sets a foundation for bigger and greater sequels, just as the series had in the last console generation. With this game as an example, there's little doubt the folks at EA will continue to deliver even more exciting Wii titles with control schemes that challenge, impress and inspire.
SSX amorce un virage dangereux avec cet épisode exclusif à la Wii. Si on retrouve ici avec plaisir tout ce qui a fait le succès de la série, on se rend compte que le titre possède davantage d'atouts pour séduire les néophytes que pour satisfaire les habitués. Le contenu est loin d'être surprenant et complètement inédit, et si le nouveau maniement a ses bons côtés, il avoue quand même ses limites. SSX Blur n'en reste pas moins un titre rafraîchissant et divertissant auquel on a plaisir à jouer, mais plutôt de manière occasionnelle.
Wer gehofft hat, dass die Wii-Premiere von SSX Nintendos Ambitionen, alles einfacher und intuitiver zu machen, Rechnung trägt, wird enttäuscht sein. Blur ist ein sehr lern- und frustintensives Unterfangen, das Anfängern und Gelegenheitsspielern eine fette Ladung Pulverschnee ins Gesicht klatscht - und das nicht nur aufgrund des relativ hohen Schwierigkeitsgrades. Wer hingegen die nötige Geduld und Erfahrung mitbringt, wird die neue Bewegungssteuerung oder zumindest Teile davon schon bald nicht mehr missen wollen und die Herausforderung schätzen. Das eigentliche Boarden bzw. Ski fahren via Nunchuk macht jedenfalls eine gute Figur, sobald man sich an die Kombination aus Stick- und Kippsteuerung gewöhnt hat.
Worth Playing
Its tricky control scheme is likely to be a divisive element, but those willing to spend considerable time with the tutorials should find SSX Blur to be a rather solid experience. Not everything here is fully formed (looking at you, Ubertricks), but a rough opening patch gives way to several hours of worthwhile gameplay. It may not be the big sequel that some were expecting, but SSX Blur feels like more than just a slapdash stopgap release. Besides, Mario Party 8 got pushed back; what else are you going to play until Super Paper Mario drops next month?
It's too bad that SSX Blur's controls are so uneven, because if not for the maddeningly inconsistent ubertricks, Blur would be a sure thing. Unfortunately, there's nearly as much frustration to be derived from this inconsistency as there is pleasure from the other quality features in the game. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go out and pick up the game if you're a longtime SSX fan or a Wii owner looking to get your snow sports on; it just means that you should know what you're getting into beforehand.
Computer Bild Spiele
Wenn Sie denken, bei diesem Spiel könnten Sie bequem auf dem Sofa zum Höchstleistungssportler werden, sind Sie schief gewickelt. Das Einzige, was Ihnen als Anfänger leicht fallen wird, sind die Tränen der Verzweiflung. Die Steuerung ist sehr genau und erfordert eine ausgiebige Einarbeitungszeit. Sicher, durch willkürliches Fuchteln werden Sie auch einige Tricks auf dem Bildschirm zaubern, aber die für Punkte wichtigen gezielten Sprünge, Drehungen und andere Verrenkungen schaffen Sie nicht auf Anhieb. Wenn Sie sich dieser Herausforderung stellen wollen, erwartet Sie ein umfangreiches Snowboardspiel, bei dem es nicht um Bestzeiten, sondern um Bestleistung geht. Machen Sie's "gut"!
Operation Sports
In the end, SSX Blur feels like a missed opportunity. The series is solid, but too little of this game is truly new, save for the functionality provided by the Wii's unique control scheme - and that doesn't quite work right. It's too bad, because the moments I had early on were quite enjoyable, and you can see the potential here, but for now, it's a fun but forgettable game that feels like it could have been so much more than that.
Play Magazine
You could come down on SSX Blur for wanting more simplicity of control, anticipating that the best games on Wii keep it less spastic. But that’s entirely preference, and there will no doubt be gamers who prefer SSX Blur with high praise.
Game Infowire
In sum, "SSX Blur" is a game that shows some promise if you're willing to sink a bunch of time into figuring out the tricks and getting them to work with the Wii controls. If you want something that's less frustrating than the real thing, look further.
SSX Blur is a tricky game to score. If you're hardcore about snowboarding, you love other SSX games and you're no stranger to the Wii's sometimes high high learning curve, then you'll think I'm underscoring it. Conversely, if you hate games that take a good long while to get into and master, and you're not really an SSX fan, then you'll be writing in to let me know that I've scored it too highly. Me, I'm somewhere in-between. I really liked the game when I got over the controls' initial crazy learning curve, but after a while, my overall interest began to wane. Trying before you buy is probably the way to go here.
Nintendo Front
Es hätte schön sein können. Leider verliert SSX Blur im wichtigsten Bereich, den die Wii zu bieten hat: Die Steuerung. Sie ist so hakelig, dass der Spielspaß im Keim erstickt wird. Für erfahrene Spieler stellt sie schon ein Problem dar, für Anfänger ist sie untragbar. Da die Grafik auch nicht überzeugen kann, bleibt leider kein all zu positives Urteil. Lediglich im Multiplayer macht SSX Blur ein wenig Spaß. Wenn man nacheinander die gleichen Aufgaben erfüllt und man nicht weiß, wie der dreifache Salto eben funktioniert hat. Wildes (sinnloses) Herumfuchteln, welches mehr Punkte bringt als gezielte Versuche, sollte nicht das Ziel eines Spieles sein. Das erinnert stark an das so genannte "Buttonsmashen" bei Prügelspielen, planloses auf Knöpfen Herumdrücken in der Hoffnung, eine Kombi zu schaffen, die durch planvolles Drücken zu schwer scheint.
SSX Blur macht vieles richtig, allerdings auch einiges falsch. Speziell die Übertricks hätten etwas mehr Feintuning vertragen können, da sie oftmals nicht ausgelöst werden und recht komplex sind. In Kombination mit dem knackigen Schwierigkeitsgrad erleben dabei vor allem Einsteiger mehr Frust als Spaß. Zudem gibt es keine wirkliche Geschichte, die sich im Hintergrund abspielt. Speziell mit den diversen Charakteren hätte man sich da durchaus etwas einfallen lassen können. Wer genug Zeit in die Beherrschung des Spiels investiert und mit den Macken leben kann, der wird jedoch mit Sicherheit seine Freude daran haben. Zumindest für ein paar Abende.
Defunct Games
Instead of making controlling your snowboarder easier, the Wii's new motion-sensing controls have made SSX much harder than it needs to be. What once was one of the best extreme sports franchises has been reduced to one of the most disappointing games of the year.
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
This Wii adaptation of SSX does offer the usual involving experience, sharp graphics, and addictive RPG-like stat boosting. Unfortunately, those are only a few of the necessary pieces required for a complete title in this otherwise enjoyable franchise. Blur feels rushed in nearly all of its Wii-exclusive aspects.
När jag tänker över hur jag ska sammanfatta och betygsätta SSX Blur kan jag inte annat än tycka det är lite tråkigt. Spelet är en väldig bergochdalbana där dalarna tyvärr förstör alltför mycket av helhetsintrycket för att det ska få något riktigt högt betyg. Det är dock ett bra spel och om EA Sports Big kan bygga vidare ser seriens framtid på Wii riktigt ljus ut.
SSX Blur doet wat de voorgaande delen ook deden: een spel met snelle actie en bizarre trucs. Helaas overleeft SSX Blur de overstap naar de Wii maar deels. De besturing met de Nunchuk is heel erg goed uitgewerkt en voelt soepel aan. De trucs met de Wii-mote daarentegen resulteren meer dan eens in wat hersensloos gewapper. Daarbij lijken de übertricks te moeilijk of zelfs nauwelijks te werken, heel jammer aangezien dit het spel juist een extra dimensie had moeten geven. De vernieuwde graphics en geluidseffecten geven het spel wel weer een positieve lading mee.
Yahoo! Games
We commend EA for not simply tacking on motion controls to an existing SSX title. But at the same time, Blur feels like it wasn't the total tear down of the series it should have been. Many of the tracks and events have simply been lifted from earlier entries, and the controls aren't reliable enough to consistently deliver the elation that characterized the best SSX titles. It's not impossible to have a great time playing SSX Blur, just very difficult, and that's not what the Wii is all about.
60 (UK)
SSX Blur is worth a go if you can put up with a few moments of frustration and the feeling of being slightly detached from your achievements, but those in search of a good snowboarding game would do better to stick with the good snowboarding games that EA has already made.
One for all racing fans, but expect the controls to cause you many a problem in the short term.
Daily Game
SSX Blur has all the makings of a good game, yet faceplants into the hardpack due to the unresponsive controls. It's really a shame that the controls are so bad, because this game could have been incredibly fun, but instead becomes incredibly frustrating. Save your money and wait for the next iteration of theSSX series.
Disruption -- it's found in the controls, in the courses, and even the music. An excellent soundtrack of exciting and groove-inducing beats takes too long to crescendo, and it's cut off every time you bail -- starting from silent scratch. No matter how badly you want to get into the game, to find the flow...the game doesn't let you. And that's too bad, because it really does look great, the multiplayer mode is basic yet competent, and there are flashes of true SSX brilliance. As a "My First SSX" for someone who hasn't been trained on the standard joypad, Blur is serviceable and enjoyable at times, despite the uneven learning curve. But the SSX veteran is likely to want something that's more defined.
Game Revolution
Maybe SSX Blur sums up the first Wii generation - a small-scale game with some interesting but awkward new control ideas, showing the difficulty for developers and players alike in adjusting to Nintendo’s new wave. If you want a smooth downhill ride or a few hours to perfect your shredding, go hit the real slopes before global warming melts us all into little puddles of goo. Blur may be a step in the right direction, but it hasn’t gotten past the bunny slopes yet.
GamePro (US)
Dedicated (read: sadistic) gamers willing to invest the time necessary to figure out the controls might get a kick out of this one, but the convoluted controls will turn off most players. The lesson here is clear: Wii developers need to start with a blank slate rather than graft old-school control schemes onto the Wii Remote because, as SSX Blur demonstrates, it just doesn't work.
Video Game Talk
SSX Blur could have been an excellent game. Instead, its uber tricks make it a cumbersome affair that most of the Wii’s target audience will not enjoy at all. For big fans of the series or those who love very difficult games, rent it and see if it happens to be your cup of tea. Everyone else is safe in skipping it entirely.