Star Trek: Conquest (Wii)

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Star Trek: Conquest Credits

4J Studios

Game DirectorFrank Arnot
ProducerFrank Arnot
Lead SoftwareAndrew West
Software TeamTony Colgan, Alan Savage, Bruce Sutherland
Wii Platform LeadDave Guthrie
Technology TeamChris Mullender, Richard Reavy
Lead ArtistDarren Baines
Art TeamDavid Keningale, Patrick McGovern, Kenneth Fee, Alan Redmond
DesignKevin Finnigan
AudioStewart Clark
Office ManagerRoni Percy
Executive DirectorPaddy Burns
ChairmanChristiaan van der Kuyl

Third Party Credits

Sound EffectsSoundelux Design Music Group
Sound Design bySoundelux Design Music Group
Music Composed and Produced byRod Abernethy (, Jason Graves (
Additional Original MusicMichael Gordon Shapiro

Voiceover Actors

Klingon Admiral 3Beau Marie
Federation Admiral 2, Klingon Officer, Vorta Admiral 1Craig Sechler
Federation Admiral 3David DeBoy
Cardassian Admiral 1, Cardassian Personnel, Vorta Admiral 2David Jackson
Cardassian Admiral 2, Romulan Admiral 1, Vorta Admiral 2Duncan Hood
Federation Admiral 1, Jem'Hader Officer, Klingon Admiral 2, Male Translator VoiceJonathan Bryce
Klingon Officer, Romulan PersonnelLinda Kanyon
Cardassian Admiral 3, Romulan PersonnelMike Rosson
Federation Computer Voice, Romulan Admiral 2Shari Elliker
Vorta PersonnelSusan Allenbach
Romulan Admiral 3Ty Ford
Cardassian Officer, Federation Officer, Klingon Admiral 1Wes Johnson

Bethesda Softworks

ProducerCharles Harribey
Associate ProducerBenjamin Walsh
Quality Assurance LeadRuben S. Brown
Quality Assurance TestersSteven Fraden, Hal Jenkins, Louis Riley, Aaron Mitschelen, Matt Ouzounian, Justin Sweeney, Garrett Maloney, Terry Dunn Jr., Ben Barreras, Brian Bloomfield, Welter Almeida, Jesse Tucker, Nghi Huynh, Cory Dornbusch, Ryan Lea, Johnathan Peake, Alex Agnew, Alexandra Souder, Alexander Tran
PresidentVlatko Andonov
VP of DevelopmentTodd Vaughn
Production DirectorLafayette Taylor
Technical DirectorJonathan Williams
Art DirectorChuck Carter
QA ManagerRobert Gray
Audio DirectorMark Lampert
Voiceover Casting and DirectionBenjamin Walsh
VP, Public RelationsPete Hines
VP, MarketingPete Hines
Manager, Public RelationsErin Losi
Manager, MarketingErin Losi
Marketing CoordinatorAngela Ramsey-Chapman
Packaging and Manual DesignLindsay Westcott, Michael Wagner
Sales ‑ U.S.Ronald Seger, Jill Bralove, Michelle Burgess
Sales ‑ EuropeGreg Baverstock
Video ProductionSteven Green
LocalizationCharles Harribey, Tim Bumar
Director of Information TechnologySteve Bloom
Information TechnologyRob Havlovick, Paul Tuttle, Joseph Owens, Jeremy Galuski
Special Thanks ToDagmar at Central Casting, William Noble, Richard Lambert, Amy Walsh, Timothy Beggs, The City of Dundee, Scotland, Private Eyes

Zenimax Media

CEORobert A. Altman
PresidentErnie Del
COOJamie Leder
CFOCindy Tallent
EVP LegalGrif Lesher
Deputy GCMarcia Mitnick
AdministrationHeather Spurrier, Bernice Guice, Denise Kidd, Barbara Manning, Patti Pulupa, Valery St. Preux
Human ResourcesTammy Boyd-Shumway, Michelle Cool
ReceptionistPaula Kasey
Executive ChefKenny McDonald

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69637)