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90 (UK) (Jun 02, 2007)
If, for some unfathomable reason, you haven't yet managed to obtain a copy of Street Fighter II from the numerous compilations and re-releases already available then you'll certainly get 800 points' worth of entertainment out of this download - especially if you have two controllers. However, patience is advised. Wait and see if any of the Turbo follow-ups crop up before making the investment.
90 (Jan 20, 2010)
Street Fighter II est un jeu d’exception, et il n’en fallait pas moins pour que Nintendo décide de le commercialiser en bundle avec sa console. Un choix commercial qui paraît ô combien judicieux aujourd’hui, tant il a marqué son époque et celle de la Super Nintendo. Mais pas seulement, car Street Fighter II a avant tout marqué les générations futures. C’est un monument, un mythe, une légende ; l’exemple exact de ce que doit être un jeu de combat en 2D, l’inspiration parfaite de tous ceux qui l’ont suivi.
Nintendo Life (Dec 26, 2006)
Unless you just long to relive this classic in its original form, you'd be much better suited saving your Wii Points for one of the later releases like Super Street Fighter 2 if you want to get the most from what the Street Fighter 2 series has to offer. Sure this original release is still fun all these years later, but compared to the later releases, it's really beginning to show its age and the 50Hz PAL version of the game is so sluggish it's nearly unplayable.
IGN (Jan 16, 2007)
Wait and save your Points for better, more fully-featured versions of this game. Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha 2 could all potentially come to the service in the future, and that's just from the SNES back catalog. Any of them would be more worth your while, as you'd likely enjoy playing this version, but would quickly tire of its restricted scope and roster of only the eight original fighters. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior revolutionized the fighting genre and brought arcades back from the dead in the early '90s – but there are better ways to re-experience that era than this particular download.
60 (Jan 31, 2007)
Das Spiel selbst unterschied erstmalig Schläge und Tritte dreier Stärken, ermöglichte komplexe Spezialangriffe und legte großen Wert auf präzises Timing aller Offensiv- und Defensiv-Aktionen. In gewisser Weise gab Capcom schon hier die Richtung vor, in die moderne Serien wie Virtua Fighter, Tekken oder Soul Calibur noch heute marschieren. Gerade in der PAL-Fassung, die trotz gestreckten Bilds auch auf der Virtual Console vorliegt, leiden die schnörkellosen Martial Arts-Fights aber unter dem herben Geschwindigkeitsverlust. Ein Klassiker – keine Frage, allerdings hätte ich die flinkere „Turbo“-Variante lieber gesehen. Oder eben eine ungebremste 60Hz-Fassung, aber die bleibt wohl für’s erste ein Wunschtraum.