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Nintendo Life (Aug 28, 2007)
All in all, Super C is a great sequel to the original Contra. What most gamers found appealing about the original - challenge - is sadly lacking slightly here though. This does make the game a good entry point into the series for more inexperienced players, but veterans of the series might find it a bit easy.
Mag'64 (Sep 03, 2009)
Mit Probotector II hält Nintendo auf seinem V.C.-Downloadsever ein echtes Schmankerl für alle Multiplayer-Fans bereit. Die Einzelkämpfer jedoch, die nicht die Muse und das Durchhaltevermögen besitzen, sich durch dieses Spiel, im wirklich bockschweren Singleplayer zu beißen, sollten es sich hingegen lieber zweimal überlegen, ob sie die 500 Punkte hierfür investieren wollen. Abgesehen vom Schwierigkeitsgrad kann man eigentlich nichts großes an dem Spiel aussetzen, denn trotz unzähliger Neuentwicklungen seit dessen Erstveröffentlichung, macht es auch heute noch richtig Spaß.
GameSpot (Sep 13, 2007)
You may get the feeling that not as much care went into Super C as its predecessor. A lot of the art from Contra gives the two games an almost identical look and feel, yet the visuals feel even more spartan in parts of Super C. It ultimately doesn't have the same kind of wide-reaching nostalgic resonance as the original, but Super C is still a competent side-scrolling shooter.
50 (UK) (Oct 13, 2007)
But for everyone else, this is more pain than fun. With the superior and more balanced SNES sequel Super Probotector already on the VC this release isn't exactly scratching much of an itch and, when played alongside the sublimely paced Super Metroid, the gulf between brutal arcade games that were designed to require a steady flow of coins and console games that were designed purely as entertainment has never been clearer. There is fun to be had with Probotector 2, it's just a fun that most modern gamers won't enjoy all that much.