Written by  :  AxelStone (37)
Written on  :  Mar 01, 2009
Platform  :  Wii
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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An very, very over rated game.

The Good

Super Mario Galaxy is bright, colorful and inoffensive. The game play is solid and the music is competent if a little derivative. The inclusion of symphonic tracks is finally welcome.

The Bad

The fact that barely anything has changed. Admit it, take away the sphere walking and star grabbing and you have essentially the same game that Nintendo released in 1996. Call me cynical but I don't believe 1 gimmick can carry an entire game and the sphere walking thing doesn't really impress me. The fact that little has changed since 1996 is weak and the only reason people love this game is because of a certain mustachioed plumber that has become somewhat of a messiah.

The Bottom Line

Super Mario 64 with Sphere Walking.