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    You play the surgeon in this exciting Medical Drama simulation. You will need to cure patients of everything from routine medical maladies to life-threatening designer viruses. And, of course, there is all that drama waiting just outside of the operating room. Your medical toolkit includes scalpels, forceps, defibrillator paddles, syringes and more--all designed for use with the Wii Remote!

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 13, 2009.

Back of Case - Wii (US):
    The critically acclaimed medical drama simulation is making a house call on your Wii!

    Trauma Center: Second Opinion
    turns your living room into an O.R.!

    Dr. Derek Stiles is back, but he's not the only surgeon on call--Dr. Nozomi Weaver joins the team, bringing along everything the doctor ordered: difficulty modes, new surgical implements like the defibrillator, and an exciting never-before-seen conclusion. So what are you waiting for? If one dose of Trauma Center wasn't enough, it's time you got a second opinion!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Apr 14, 2007.

    The doctor is in

    A steady hand saves lives in the Wii OR.

    Turn your living room into an operating room. The critically acclaimed medical drama turns the Wii Remote into doctor's tools for laser surgery, defibrillation, forceps and more.

    • Inspired by the Nintendo DS game Trauma Center: Under the Knife, the game features new graphics and animation, surgical implements and operation types
    • Revised control system that takes full advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote controller
    • Multiple difficulty modes for gamers of all skill levels
    You play surgeon in this exciting medical drama simulation. You'll need to cure patients of everything from routine medical maladies to life-threatening designer viruses. And, of course, there's just as much drama outside of the operating room as in it.

    In Trauma Center: Second Opinion, every second counts. Between a countdown timer and a patient's vitals, the pressure is on to perform a pinpoint accurate operation. The Wii Remote controller serves as all the surgical tools you need to save lives. It's a scalpel, a surgical laser, forceps and more.

    The game calls on you to perform a wide variety of operations from resetting pieces of a shattered bone to extracting glass to removing tumors. Although you'll use some surgical techniques several times, each operation presents a unique challenge—one in which you'll be graded from A to C.

    Although there actually is a story accompanying Trauma Center: Second Opinion (a terrorist-designed virus called GUILT is unleashed on society), the gameplay is solely based on going from operation to operation in minigame fashion. Once you complete a surgery, you can always repeat it to try to get a better grade.

    Trauma Center: Second Opinion delivers incredibly smooth gameplay that, in effect, always keeps you in the thick of things during an intense operation. Icons for surgical tools are positioned around a circle. To switch from tool to tool, simply move the Control Stick on the Nunchuk controller to that tool. This may sound like a simple technique (and it is), but you would be amazed by how much time this tool selection process saves you. You don't need to press multiple buttons or move a cursor over to the tool you want as previous games would have you do. You simply switch to a tool with one hand and continue right on playing with the next without a break in the action.

    The gameplay Trauma Center: Second Opinion was good to start out with, but the tool-select system made it exponentially better.

    Bottom Line
    Trauma Center: Second Opinion provides an elegant example of the revolutionary gameplay the Wii Remote controller can help provide.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Dec 06, 2006.