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Title screen
Choose your game!
Shooting stage 1 - pop the balloons!
Stage 2 has you firing at targets.
Forget the clay pidgeons, shoot the ducks!
Juggle a can.
Don't let the UFOs kidnap your Miis!
Your final score
Find the two similar Miis.
Find the odd Mii out here.
Later, the Miis begin to swim around.
How about a round of Table Tennis?
In Pose Mii, you must slot your Mii into the bubbles.
Oooh, soapy.
Special bubbles will pause time for you, giving a breather.
Neonified Air Hockey
Play Billiards with the Wii Remote.
Not a very good shot...
You can also view the table from a top-down perspective.
Grab the rod to start fishing!
Don't catch the small fish, aim for the big ones!
Nice score!
Cow racing, popular Nintendo sport
Knock over those scarecrows!
You can also jump by lifting the Wii Remote.
Aim your tank with the Wii Remote and drive with the Control Pad.
Finished a mission!
You can't drive over those holes...
Watch out for the bullets!