Written by  :  AkibaTechno (254)
Written on  :  Jul 25, 2009
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Another cheap Nintendo cash in.

The Good

Wii Sports Resort looks good. There is depth of field focus, some nice music and sound and the environments have a very vibrant look to them. Some of the games are grand with Swordplay taking pride of place as the most addictive game in the Wii Sports Resort repertoire.

The Bad

Wii Sports Resort is intended to function as Wii Sports did as a way of introducing players to the fundamentals of Wii control using the Wii remote. However this time it is the bundled Motion Plus being demonstrated. Unfortunately Motion Plus is too little too late. It tells us Nintendo rushed hardware they knew wasn't finished with the intention of releasing to compete with Microsoft and Sony. It also contradicts their "Blue Ocean" diatribe. Shigeru Miyamoto has strenuously denied the Wii is directly competing with the Xbox and PS3 however considering they obviously rushed the hardware with the intention of finishing it later this seems rather dubious. Motion Plus essentially compliments the Wii remote experience and is best demonstrated in Frisbee and Golf, replicating 1:1 your movements with the Wii remote. It's great, but it was supposed to be like this at launch.

The compilation of games isn't anything to write home about. Golf and Bowling have already been done to death and of the remaining 10 only a few of them are even worth playing. Cycling is tedious, Table Tennis is essentially just Tennis from Wii Sports and Archery fails because it lacks the tactile benefit of actually compensating for the weight of the bow meaning you will inevitably be highly inaccurate.

Wii Sports Resort simply doesn't do enough new to justify the purchase and considering the Wii remote is plenty accurate enough anyway the benefit of the Motion Plus accessory is pretty much negligible unless you are totally pedantic about 1:1 control.

The Bottom Line

A shameless cash in to bundle with the part that was missing from the Wii remote when Nintendo shipped the Wii back in 2006. It's a good looking but shallow experience that you will inevitably tire of quickly.