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Title screen
Main Menu 5 Sports, Practice, and Fitness
Tennis Wii matches your skill range with computer players
Tennis start
Dark thought bubble clouds over players that fault
Power serve with ball ghost trail
Instant replay after scoring
Instant replay after scoring different cameras
Match Point
Baseball Wii matches your skill range with computer players
Batter up!
Good power hit
Home Run
Line drive and your teammate drops the ball (notice the ! over his head) error!
Pitcher is tired (notice the ! over head) usually means down the middle fast ball
Bowling alignment side to side of lane
Alignment pivot from position
Your 3rd Strike "Turkey" in a row
Your 4th Strike in a row
Instant replay after Strikes / Spares
Golf - three (3) levels
First hole ready with driver
Swing is too hard power meter is red and wiggles
Your 2nd hole Par 3 with water hazard
Practice swing to check power meter
Nice shot on green.... awesome bounce...
Hits the flag drops in! Hole in one! - Eagle
Boxing Wii matches your skill range with computer players
Round One
Landing a right hook
Computer lands a solid jab
Knock down for count to 10
Computer stumbles back to his feet
Again the computer is down this time for the 10 count
Wii reminds you often to take a break
Practice any sport across 3 levels
Practice bowling power throws
The 10th throw has 96 pins - teaching you power throws