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Nintendo Life (Jan 24, 2009)
This really is one of the better Master System games, despite being a bit rough around the edges in some places it has aged really well. The game concept is nothing original, but the execution is unique and the whole game oozes charm throughout. It was bettered by the excellent Wonder Boy III on the Master System, but the two are vastly different games so this is worth checking out on its own merits. If you are at all curious, why not check it out today?
Mag'64 (Sep 01, 2009)
Wonder Boy In Monster Land kann sich durch seinen gelungenen Genre-Mix von vielen 08/15 Jumpern und Actiontiteln abheben und motiviert mit seinen Rollenspielelementen dazu, immer weiter im Spiel vorankommen zu wollen. Dies ist allerdings auch nötig, da eine fehlende Speicherfunktion, gepaart mit einem hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad in späteren Levels, schnell dazu führen kann, dass man die ersten Levels satt hat und das Spiel erstmal beiseite legt. Falls ihr Interesse an der Serie habt oder einfach nur einen etwas "anderen" Action-Platformer sucht, macht ihr mit dem zweiten Teil der Wonder Boy Serie aber nicht viel falsch.
Nintendo Life (May 16, 2012)
Wonder Boy in Monster Land is a tight, tough game that, thanks to its upgrade system and masses of secrets, is very replayable to this day. While you wait and hope for a brand new title in the series, this is well worth revisiting.
60 (UK) (Apr 12, 2009)
Where the game flounders is in its arcade cabinet roots. With a strict time-limit, limited lives and no continues it can be frustrating to amass an arsenal of items only to lose them all and have to start over from scratch. It just doesn't sit well with the long-term benefits of the role playing elements, rudimentary though they may be, and it's just enough to knock this otherwise charming effort down a point or two.
Defunct Games (May 11, 2012)
As much as I love the Wonder Boy franchise, Monster Land is a tough call. Although this is the best version of Wonder Boy's second installment, the Master System port is also strong enough to stand on its own (and four dollars cheaper). Plus, with Monster World IV hitting the Virtual Console on the same day, it's tough to get too excited about this 8-bit effort. Wonder Boy in Monster Land is a great game that people should definitely play, but it's a toss-up over which version you should buy.