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World of Goo (Wii)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.4
Overall User Score (11 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Cela dit, on voit mal ce que l'on pourrait désirer de plus d'un jeu de réflexion. World of Goo est étonnamment original, bien que construit sur les fondations des classiques du genre. Il propose un challenge relativement simple quand on parcourt pour la première fois ses chapitres divisés en saisons et un défi diabolique quand on essaie de trouver comment il est possible d'atteindre les objectifs OCD. Tout au long du jeu, vous nagez dans une sorte de béatitude, devant l'amour qui a été consacré à sa réalisation et qui s'en dégage. L'ajout du jeu en coopération est, non pas la cerise, mais un tombereau de cerises sur un gâteau déjà fabuleusement appétissant.
UOL Jogos
"World of Goo" é a prova de que criatividade e inovação não dependem de investimento de grandes produtoras. Não bastasse sua mecânica genial e uso inteligente da física para a realização de quebra-cabeças inovadores, o jogo traz ainda um visual único e uma trilha sonora belíssima e envolvente. O resultado é uma das melhores experiências que o Wii poderia proporcionar, capaz de estampar no rosto do jogador um sorriso durante toda sua duração.
To do World of Goo justice, you really need to get playing it. Screenshots and videos might not make you spark alight with interest but simply just grabbing that Wii remote and having a go will let you understand more why it is so special. World of Goo is so full of unbelievable ideas that merge so well with its fresh take on the puzzle genre. It ticks all the boxes: fun, innovative, simple yet complex, brilliant and addictive. I could go on and on, but really all I need to do is start a petition to get the meaning of goo in the dictionary changed to “a thick or sticky substance that makes for awesome games”. Don’t miss this year’s biggest surprise.
WiiWare World
It's quite amazing that a development team consisting of basically three people has somehow managed to create such a unique and utterly charming gaming experience like the one found in World of Goo. What's also quite amazing is that you can purchase this outstanding title for a mere 1500 Wii Points. Other WiiWare developers out there need to take notice that World of Goo has raised the bar for what a WiiWare title should be, and it's raised it fairly high. Not only is it easily the best WiiWare release to date, it's also proof that you don't need a large development team or millions of dollars to create an outstanding video game. In an era of where style is often emphasized over substance, it's refreshing to see a title like World of Goo that somehow manages to feature an abundance of both.
UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
If World of Goo were just a bare-bones game, it’d still be a ton of fun. But what elevates it above its competitors is the massive amount of work that went into every aspect of the game. The music is among the most memorable and pleasing that we’ve heard out of a video game this year, and the graphics are utterly charming, mixing a Dr. Seuss-inspired style with contemporary finishing. Even the writing is great, with funny inside jokes and references to other indie games. World of Goo really captures the best of both worlds – like indie games, it’s inventive, charming and totally unique. And like big-budget games, it looks great and controls like a dream. The WiiWare version costs 1500 Wii Points, and a downloadable PC version is available for $20, with a boxed retail release soon to come. However you play it, don’t let World of Goo slip by.
World of Goo should not be passed over by a single gamer. It is easily the best WiiWare game to date and, perhaps, one of the best this generation.
But it's the atmosphere that transforms World of Goo from a great concept to a fantastic game, with production values well above what you'd expect from a tiny indie developer. The crisp, hand-drawn visuals burst with care and creativity, recalling the wonderfully distinct approach of another recent downloadable favorite, Castle Crashers. And the music -- who would've expected such intense anthems from a physics-based puzzler? Comparisons to composer Danny Elfman are spot-on, but to me, it sounds like the soundtrack to an epic, big-budget role-playing game -- either way, the dramatic tunes offer the perfect juxtaposition to the whimsical sights and sayings spotted throughout the game. Some will undoubtedly scoff at the $15 price tag for "just a downloadable game," but World of Goo isn't "just" anything -- except, that is, one of just a handful of truly excellent original games for the Wii.
Produkt najwyższej klasy, choć w małym formacie to najlepszy w swojej kategorii. Zapamiętajcie ten tytuł z cyfrowej dystrybucji Nintendo WiiWare, bo to najlepsza gra, jaką oferuje nam ta usługa. Cena jest niestety trochę wysoka, bo aż 1500 Nintendo Points (około 46zł), ale grywalność tej pozycji zrekompensuje Wam wydane pieniądze. Bardzo POLECAM. Pozwolę sobie na koniec wspomnieć jedno zdanie z recenzji, którą przeczytałem gdzieś w Internecie. Sens wypowiedzi brzmiał mniej więcej tak: Ta gra pokazuje, że tworzenie jest bardziej miodne, niż niszczenie i zabijanie. Wspomnianym zdaniem chciałbym ukazać jak twórcy gier popadają w schematy nie tworząc niczego nowego. Word of Goo jest właśnie tym nowym, świeżym pomysłem. Jeśli nie graliście jeszcze w ten tytuł to nie graliście w nic podobnego do tej pory. Czekam na kolejny tytuł tej ekipy, zagram na każdej możliwej platformie. Wiem jednak, że przebić to co stworzyli w Word of Goo będzie im bardzo ciężko.
GamingHeaven / DriverHeaven
World Of Goo is an amazing success story, it shows that you don't need a massive team of game developers to create something fresh , exciting and extremely addictive. The Wii needed this game because the last few months have seen quite a dry spell on Nintendo's console. It is crammed with creative, inventive and exhilarating level design and the art direction is wonderfully accomplished. If you are a current Wii owner, then vote with your Wii points and make sure you purchase. 2D boy need to be supported so they can release future masterpieces!
World of Goo is an amazing WiiWare game that you simply must buy for this is exactly the type of software that needs both recognition and support. A three-man team has created a title that is not only significantly cheaper than most retail Wii games, but a hell of a lot better in every regard, from concept to execution. It's packed full of brilliant, challenging levels. It's gorgeous. It's got beautiful music. And it controls really well. So if you value any or all of these qualities, and hopefully you do, you should be delighted to know that Nintendo's downloadable service is about to rock your world, goo style.
Cheat Code Central
This is exactly the kind of experience WiiWare seems designed for. 1500 Wii Points is really a small price to pay for excellence, especially when the sheer quality of World of Goo handily puts more than a few full-blown Wii releases to shame. It's a blast from start to finish. If there's one game you pick up on WiiWare this year, make it this one.
Game Revolution
World of Goo can be faulted, though, for its controls. The Wii remote is the main form of control, and in most levels, a lot of scrolling has to be done. A lot of time is spent moving the cursor being to the edges of the screen, sometimes making things confusing. Coming in at 1500 Wii Points, World of Goo pushes the downloadable game cliché out of the window, providing hours of dynamic and unique fun that a lot of fully priced releases fail to do. Get on sliming!
The A.V. Club
Though the game's downbeat point of view doesn't quite jibe with the gameplay, the puzzle setups are irresistible, and the physics impeccable.
Thunderbolt Games
The blend of puzzle solving and physic fundamentals is what makes it all happen. The challenges are incredibly well-designed; despite having a little less than fifty playable stages, many of them require a ton of planning and countless retries before you get them right. With so many different kinds of Goo and an ever-increasing level of complexity, the later areas will definitely give you a run for your money. Mastering the gameplay has its rewards; beating the game with the OCD requirements not only nets you more bragging rights, but lets you build further in the game’s open-ended challenge. The awkward controls are the only problem, but it’s nothing game-breaking. Besides, the stellar soundtrack, engrossing atmosphere, and quirky style will keep you hooked. And the craziest part of all? It only took two people to come up with something this awesome. If there was ever a game that demonstrated quality over quantity, this is it.
Gamereactor (Sweden)
Det finns inte mycket mer att diskutera, applådera nu 2D Boy och köp det här spelet så fort du kan. Själv fortsätter jag samla slem och jobba uppåt, uppåt, uppåt i mitt vansinniga torn. Det börjar bli ostadigt igen, men den här gången kommer jag att fixa det. Det gungar alltid på toppen, men där är utsikten som vackrast.
All in all, World of Goo plays like you're messing around with a slimy, virtual erector set loaded up with real physics and gravity. Don't miss one of the most original and addictive gaming experiences to come along in years.
World of Goo nous offre une véritable leçon de game design, de créativité, en un mot d'art. De quoi rappeler aux plus blasés d'entre nous pourquoi nous aimons les jeux vidéo. Il y a encore de l'espoir dans ce monde formaté, ça fait du bien. Que dire de plus, sinon merci 2D Boy ?
Jolt (UK)
World of Goo is a fun, inventive and skilfully assembled game that’d even be at home on your laptop. The only downside is that, bizarrely, its availability in the UK is currently limited. All we’ll say as far as that goes is that if you do choose to evaluate some of the DRM-free code that’s being sold in the US, do still show your support for developer 2D Boy when their site is back up or they can be arsed to remove the region-lock on Steam.
This game is one of the finest titles available on WiiWare. It is easily worth fifteen bucks. If you own a Wii and complain about it gathering dust, then please – do yourself a favor. Stop complaining, pony up the cash and enjoy yourself. You'll get at least a few evenings out of this one. And you won't have to eat a human-being cake.
World of Goo is the most beautiful, hilarious, surprising physics-based puzzle game since Portal. The soundtrack is particularly amazing.
Oh yes. Well, to sum it all up, World of Goo is a great title that will reward you for playing it with a reasonable few hours of fun at a not immoderate difficulty level. Unlike many puzzle games it's rarely frustrating, often entertaining, and it has something quite stunning and beautiful to it. In other words, it's worth your money, providing that that's what you want. You might just want to go back to headshotting zombies on Left 4 Dead though, in which case, good luck to you, peon. I'm done here anyhow.
Jeux Vidéo Network
Sans magouilles, World of Goo est un jeu de réflexion aussi rafraîchissant qu’intéressant qu’on se doit de posséder, sous peine d’être un goujat.
Au final, World Of Goo s'avère un jeu d’exception qui marquera les joueurs, de par les émotions apportées au joueur et aussi le gameplay intuitif. Il trouvera facilement son public, et c'est une preuve vivante qu'il ne suffit pas d'avoir beaucoup d'argent pour faire une merveille vidéoludique. Si vous ne l'avez pas encore essayé, vous êtes considéré comme Hors-la-loi... Allez donc tout de suite vous le procurer !