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Title screen A
Title screen B
The animated intro, as always, presents the characters. This here is Lilka the magician
In a Wild Arms tradition, there are three prologues, each starring one of the three main heroes
This in-game-engine cutscene shows a military truck delivering Ashley to the destination. As usually, this modern realism is all but forfeited later in favor of crazy fantasy
Early battle, in Ashley's prologue. Physical attack animation is shown. Go get 'em!..
Brad's chapter begins on a rainy night and is consistent with his brooding character and romantic-dark past
Lilka's chapter starts right with a puzzle. Use her fire rod ability to remove blocks and get the hell out of here
Ahh, finally a town! The prologue is completed, the party is united...
...so we go out for a snack
Early-game three-people party. Three more will join later - but of course, only three can fight at once
Status screen
Save point in one of the game's characteristically badly lit and plain-looking dungeons
Still in the first quarter of the game - full formation, regular dungeon battle, menu displayed
Oh wow, nice castle! Looking down, evaluating the carpet...
World map on-foot navigation. Arid area. Just left town
Yes, you can fall down. Also featured: treasure chests, switches, and assorted dungeon paraphernalia
We cast a thunder spell on the enemies. They don't seem to like it
Mid-game: you gain the obligatory cute female character with the obligatory cute animal sidekick. At least he can be used here as a gameplay feature, to scout area
Another day, another dungeon, another new party member - this one can actually grapple on things, which is only about 10% as cool as it sounds
Nice disc-changing screen!..
About halfway through the game. As it often happens, the scenery changes drastically for a short while. This here is one of the coolest locations in the game...
...and here's another one. What a view!..
Using your radar ability in a checkered dungeon
Your characters will eventually learn quite a few tricks
Naturally, sooner or later there will be sci-fi locations with high technology and all that
Bosses have idiotic fake German names and are announced in this pompously pretentious way
Anger management issues? Boss battle against one of the dragons in progress
Finally, I can relax with a copy of Wisdom of Sirach!.. Or something equally good
You'll eventually gain an album, where you'll see monster pictures and other stuff. Check out the silly names...
More anime cutscenes appear, and for some reason they work like separate intros when you load a saved game
This town is probably the closest to Wild West setting in the entire game
I could think of a few things... Ok, ok. Just have a good conversation in a bar
Special physical attacks can also pack quite a punch!
Using your new funny-looking "key" ability...
Few Japanese RPG are complete without some sort of collecting sub-game
Oh yeah! Finally, I can pilot my own organic-biomechanic flying dragon-ship!
...and sail in my own boat!..
...which, unfortunately, is not immune to random battles!..
Using a cool-sounding abilities with a close-up on the character
I just found the Jump Shoes! Whee!..
What is this, Mario?!..
Withstanding a breath attack!..
Dude... it's cold in here already!..
A very handy mini-map
Few RPGs are complete without a snowy region. See this exclamation mark? It means a random battle is coming!
Using your new Open Mic (seriously) ability in a cozy snowy town!
I don't know what this thing is, but I'm going to use my new Earthquake ability here!..
No, there is no graphical error! My new ability is Invisibility!.. ... well, at least for two seconds or so
Visiting the town of Halmetz. How do I know that? Because the name is written right here. Without any hametz, there's Pesach in Halmetz, as they say...
There are six of us, and only three beds in this inn...
Obligatory desert area with nasty giant scorpions
Testing out my new rod ability on innocent people in a quiet village
Battle in the ruins of an ancient town
Hey, I need to get me such an umbrella!..