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Wild Arms

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Platform Votes Score
Android 2 5.0
PlayStation 30 3.9
PlayStation 3 2 5.0
PSP 2 5.0
PS Vita 1 5.0
Combined MobyScore 37 4.1

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PlayStationGamePro (US)
Even though Wild Arms doesn’t have breakthrough gameplay, it does have graphics impressive enough to make it one of the season’s best titles, no matter what the genre. This game will have you up-in-arms.
PlayStationGame Players
Unfortunately, will all the praise and hype that's being heaped on FFVII, there's a chance that a high-quality game like Wild Arms may just slip past us and into the shadows. If you know what's good for you, you won't let this happen.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
Sony really came through on Wild ARMs, surpassing their first RPG attempt, Beyond the Beyond, by leaps and bounds. It does so by passing up ritzy graphics and special effects in favor of good old-fashioned storytelling. Wild ARMs is recommended for anyone seeking a puzzle, an adventure, and a game worth its forty dollars.
Wild Arms' story isn't all bad, though. As mentioned before, the major events in the storyline are quite interesting and the main characters (as well as most of the small supporting cast) are likable. In addition, the storyline contains a few extremely poignant moments that rate among the best the genre has to offer. Overall, Wild Arms is one of the best RPGs available in the US, and its execution is nearly unrivaled. I wholeheartedly recommend this one to any RPG fan.
PlayStationMega Fun
Wild Arms gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. Eine in sich geschlossene und unterhaltsame Story kann über die schwachbrüstige Grafik und die hin und wieder etwas dudelige Musik hinwegtäuschen. Eine ausgereifte menügeführte Steuerung und knifflige, ansprechende Rätsel tun ihr übriges. Die deutsche Übersetzung halle ich allerdings für etwas mißlungen. Kein Mensch verwendet so eine Sprache, wie sie in den Dialogen formuliert wurde. Doch habe ich schon Schlimmeres gesehen. Wer sich daran nicht stört oder nicht davor zurückschreckt, sich eine englische Version zu besorgen (die US-Version habe ich mit Begeisterung durchgespielt), der wird an Wild Arms sein wahres Rollenspielerherz erfreuen können.
Wild Arms is not without its problems. Several of the tasks that are put before you are extremely action oriented, which may be frustrating to RPG fans who don't have the quickest of reflexes (no offense folks, I'm just saying…). Still, the game's brilliant storyline, amazingly long play time (well over 50 hours for this reviewer), and multitude of character options make it very easy to overlook the game's weak points. Every fan of RPG games should at least take a peek at this title.
Bref, Wild Arms est un très bon jeu de rôle qui ressemble à Final Fantasy 7 par certains côté. A titre personnel, je le place aisément devant Alundra, mais Wild Arms n’atteint quand même pas la perfection de FF7 qui reste donc la référence en attendant la sortie de Final Fantasy 8. En tout cas, les fans de RPG ne devraient pas être déçus.
Wild Arms may not be another Final Fantasy VII, but it is definitely a strong RPG filled with spells and monsters intertwined with a compelling story. For the most part, Wild Arms should please most RPG fans and will surely keep you busy until Final fantasy VII comes out.
It's been a time of darkness, for RPG fans. But while the translation of FFVII is awaited with slightly more anticipation than the second coming, Sony looks set to appease that audience in the interim with the totally surprising Wild Arms. Strip away the 3D battle scenes and you could easily fool yourself into thinking that it's summer l995 and you're playing the latest Square translation on your import SNES. A bizarre compliment in itself, but here's the twist: because the 16bit scene died overnight, and because the PlayStation's handful of RPG offerings to date has been so uninspired, this 32bit 'revisit' is sufficiently attractive to make Wild Arms an enormous sensation.
PlayStationJust RPG
Overall, is the game original? Not very much. Is it enjoyable and entertaining? Indeed it is. I'd recommend it if you can get it cheap, at most 10 dollars (or free from a friend who's Playstation broke like I did). It was fun but with so many great games out you might want to just skip over this one for a better one. I'd definitely suggest playing FF6 before this one but if you got time to play and the money to get it, give this game a try.
On the whole, Wild ARMS has some obvious flaws that will make it a chore for players who earned their first level in some of the more recent Final Fantasy games. It's been a long time coming, however, but Contrail updated the game for the PS2 in 2003; it is expected for a US release in August of 2005, if Agetec doesn't decide to delay it again. The re-release looks to solve most of the flaws from the original, but until it's out stateside, I highly recommend tracking down the PS1 version or either of its sequels.
Wild Arms a vraiment très mal vieilli mais possède encore quelques atouts pour les fans de RPG purs et durs, dont quelques musiques exceptionnelles et une ambiance Western sympa. Les autres, passez votre chemin...
PlayStationGame Revolution
In the end, Wild Arms is just an average game, but in today's RPG deprived market, Wild Arms is the only new thing out for the PlayStation. For many addicts, that makes it a must buy, but if you have the choice, spend your money on Suikoden instead.