Wild Blood Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Story introduction
Loading first mission
Here's our hero
Fighting a group of hellish creatures
Hack, slash, repeat
Enemies drop coins when defeated
No risk getting lost as arrows like this one points out the way
Coming across a chest
Freeing a citizen held captive
The sword's fire skill attack
Ouch, that has to hurt
Weapons can be upgraded
Under fire from an archer
A lock mini game
Fighting birds
The first boss
Fontains are used to save
Meeting with a dragon
Fighting a dragon
Some health potions might be needed
A new weapon
Level statistics
Using the bow
Holding down the attack button creates a heavy attack
Hellgates have to be destroyed before time runs out
A turret section
Fire skill attack with axes
Ice skill attack with axes
Travelling on a moving platforms
Merlin has been trapped
Fighting an archangel
Watch out for the spikes
Lightning skill attack for the sword
Crystals are used to open up locked doors
Meeting with a ghost
Ghost boss fight