Will Harvey's Zany Golf Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Windmill Course
Very important tip
Watch where you shoot
Next to lighthouse
Hamburger Hole
Hamburger Hole course starts
Game Over
High Scores
Hamburger is jumping
Walls Splash Screen
Walls overview
Walls Hole
Pin Ball Splash Screen
Pin Ball overview
Pin Ball hole

Apple IIgs version

Title screen
Introduction with a tip
Next to the lighthouse
Hamburger above

Atari ST version

Title screen
First course
Set up your shot carefully
So close, yet so far!
Second course
Tips on defeating the hazards
Here we go
Couldn't get the ball under the bouncing burger!
High score table
The Walls hole.
Start of the Walls hole.
Pinball hole.
Level layout for the Pinball hole.
Pinball hole.
Got my ball in the hole of the Pinball hole.
The Fans hole.
Fans level layout.

DOS version

Title Screen (oversize, scrolling; entire virtual page shown here)
Hole 1 splash screen
Intro to Hole 1
Aiming for the bank shot...
Hole 2 splash screen (and copy protection)
Intro to Hole 2
Can you drop it in while the hamburger is bouncing?

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Level explanation
Windmill level
Your progress
On the other side of the windmill
Hamburger level
Slowly, but surely...
The walls block your way
The levels get more and more tricky
Pinball palace