Willow Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Scroll containing part of the story
Loading screen for the dungeons
Entering the dungeons
Oops, I've been caught!
Lost this round
Get ready for running through the woods
Uh oh, caught already
Click on keywords to start that part of the game
Ice caves introduction
The ice caves
Oops, crashed at a dead end
To battle!
Beginning of the battle sequence
Spellcasting introduction
Nearing the end of the story
The game ends when all candles are lit

Atari ST version

Title screen
A scroll containing the story
First you must escape from a dungeon
Entering the dungeon
Hmm, which way to go?
Loading screen for Nockmaar Woods
Running through the woods
In the ice caves
Oops, dead end...
Loading screen for spellcasting
Spellcasting; which symbol would you choose?
Oops, lost this round...
When all of these candles are lit, the game ends

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Part of the scroll that tells the story
Click on keywords to go to that part of the game
Entering the dungeons
Oops, I've been caught!
Lost this round...
Entering the woods...
Uh oh, I'm almost caught!
The ice caves
Crashed at a dead end in the ice caves
Part of the story; ready for battle?
Spell casting
When all the candles are lit the game is over

DOS version

title screen - EGA
the story - EGA
loading the dungeons sequence - EGA
lost in the dungeons - EGA
escape through the forest - EGA
navigating through the ice caves - EGA
battle at the castle - EGA
when all the candles are lit, it's game over - EGA
the evil queen Bavmorda has won - EGA
title screen - CGA
the story - CGA
lost in the dungeons - CGA
in the forest - CGA
it's game over when the last candle is lit - CGA
the evil queen Bavmorda has won - CGA