1942: The Pacific Air War Gold (Windows 3.x)

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Back of Box - Windows 3.x (United States):
    Strap yourself into the cockpit of a Wildcat or a Zero. In 1942 The Pacific Air War, you experience the ultimate simulation of daring air combat in the South Pacific. Chase down Wildcats, Corsairs or Zeros through relentless gunfire, harass enemy shipping with low-level, wave-skimming torpedo runs and perform gravity-twisting dive bomb attacks that will leave you glued to the back of your cockpit!

    In 1942 The Pacific Air War Gold you get the original game, all the scenario upgrades and full motion, digital audio multimedia!

    • Interactive Battle Map allows you to recreate, hour-by-hour, the decisive engagements of the Pacific theater.
    • Interactive guide to ship classes, aircraft & commanders.
    • Basic and advanced flight instruction includes actual WWII combat footage, instructor audio explaining on-board controls and advanced air combat maneuvers.

    • Innovative virtual cockpit with same field of view as pilot.
    • Historically accurate aircraft under either the Japanese or US flags, each with authentic flight characteristics.

    • Six new aircraft types including the P-38F Lightning and the Nakajima KI-84 ("Frank").
    • New Philippine Islands and New Guinea theaters.
    • Head-to-head modem play with 200 unique missions.
    • Over 300 new missions added to single mission mode.

    Your task force is depending on you. Your open cockpit awaits you on deck. Get in there and mix it up!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (148190) on Feb 04, 2010.