The Adventures of MicroMan Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

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Windows 3.x version

In-Game 1
The title screen. The game runs in a window that cannot be resized
The second title screen is a shareware reminder
If the program is left to its own devices at the title screen it will run a short animated demo. This tank thing trundles across the screen firing homing missiles. Not at all sporting
In the game's menu bar is an 'About MicroMan' option, it displays the whole sorry tale of another secret experiment gone wrong
The start of the game
Playing the game. Done a couple of runny jumpy things when this beast appears. It fires homing missiles but, if they can be avoided for long enough they spontaneously explode
Aaagh! This is one of the reasons why I hate platform games. I know that I will bounce from one spring platform to the next but the last one will defeat me many many times
The things in the lower grey area are teleports, one puts microman directly in the path of a patrolling robot
The game cannot be saved until MicroMan has found a Save Game disc.
Down there is a Save Game disc
When the player finds a Save Game disc they can save their game into one of the game's save slots