Allied General (Windows 3.x)

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Allied General Credits


Technical LeadMichael Fullerton
ProgrammingAnthony L. Farmer, Michael Fullerton, Brian Hales, Ed Smith, Jeremy Werner, Heiser Hales
Additional ProgrammingJohn Cooper, Brendan Creane
HCL Chief ArchitectMichael Fullerton
HCL ProgrammersEd Smith, Brian Hales, Anthony L. Farmer
Art DirectorMitchel Pergola
Additional Art DirectionCharles London
Lead ArtistJohn Weir
ArtistsLeonard G. Fisher, Charles London, Mitchel Pergola, John Weir
Additional ArtLaura Levy
Music Composition and ArrangementSteve Kirk
Voice TalentWalter Fields, Josh Pollock, Alexander Van Frank, Linc Wilmerdinck
Executive ProducerBrett G. Durrett
ProducerChristian Dana Perry
Associate ProducerJonathan Korman
Production ManagerMitchel Pergola
Special ThanksDenise Wendler, Melissa Farmer, The Green Tongue, The Mermen, Beth Froelicher, Kamla Sundquist, Margret Meyer, The Elixir of Life, Catharine Clune, Zachary’s Pizza, Lori Orson, Dan Perry, Sarah Moraga, Rick Martinez, Berkeley Parking Authority, Alan Knapp

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

ProducerCarl C. Norman
Associate ProducerRick Martinez
Game DesignSSI Special Projects Group
Campaign Game DesignIdG
Scenario DesignBret Berry, John Eberhardt, Charles J. Kroegel Jr., Michael Kroon, John Robert Ross
ManualJonathan Kromrey
Manual EditorMark Whisler
Data ManagerCaron White
Test ManagerGlen A. Cureton
Test CoordinatorRick E. White
Lead TesterJohn Cloud
Product TestersJoel Billings, Dion Burgoyne, Kelly Calabro, Cyrus G. Harris, Michael Hawkins, Anthony Hobbs, Richard Wagenet
Additional E‑Mail TestersStephen Byrum, Clint Derby, Steve Murphy, Gerry Penaflor, Matt Shussett
Graphic Design and DTP: Louis Saekow DesignDavid Boudreau, Leedara Zola
Special ThanksC. Peabert Perry, Fish and the Leadeaters, Paul Murray, David Jensen, Keith Brors, Ralph Thomas, Lee Crawford, André Vrignaud, Joshua M. Cloud, Jason Dawdy, Jeff Shotwell, James Young

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (15994)