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The Amazon Trail (Windows 3.x)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Amazon Trail Credits

The Amazon Trail CD by

ProducerCraig Copley
Project ManagementDenis Burger Jr.
ArtCharolyn Kapplinger
Music, Voice, and Sound Effects ProductionLarry Phenow, Glen Anderson, Chad Iverson
WritingJohn Hickman
ProgrammingTodd Bates, Wes Evans, Tom Good, Lars Nesbakken, Dwayne Towell
TestingDawn Wichmann, Josef Ling, Dan Megears, Sue Minor, Vang Thao, Henry Beigh, Julie Csoppenszky, Shauna Gonzales

The Voices of The Amazon Trail CD

The Guard at BelemAnibal Ferreira
Antonio Santos RiosClaudio E. Valenzuela
Isabel Santos RiosSlendy Sanchez
Jose Dario Borim
AnnMaribeth Stephens
Claudio Villas BoasCarlos Lamas Babini
Richard Evans SchultesAl Lathrop
Henry FordDavid Denninger
EmilioAlberto Magallon
Claude Levi‑StraussCharles Capaldi
Colonel Percy Harrison FawcettScott Allard
Colonel Candido RondonDario Borim
Theodore RooseveltMichael Tschimperle
Henry Walter BatesScott Allard
Alfred Russell WallaceJohn Olson
PaikanDario Borim
Lope de AguirreAlberto Magallon
Elizabeth AgassizEleanor St. Regis
BakodoriDery Mendonca
MariaEleanor St. Regis
Witoto Indian WomanSlendy Sanchez
Tucuna Indian ManCarlos Lamas Babini
Isabela GodinLaura Gilbert
Captain Pedro de TeixeiraDario Borim
Captain Francisco de OrellanaAlberto Magallon
Julio AranaCarlos Lamas Babini
Witoto Indian ManCarlos Lamas Lopez
Richard SpruceJohn Olson
Baron von HumboldtJohn Diebel
Loren McIntyreAl Lathrop
Gene SavoyCharles Capaldi
Mayoruna IndianDery Mendonca
Jose Gabriel Tupac AmaruAlberto Magallon
The Inca KingDario Borim
The JaguarMike Palmquist
GuidebookErica Palmquist

The Amazon Trail CD is based on the original Macintosh and DOS versions of The Amazon Trail produced by

Project ManagementChuck Bilow
Design Mike Palmquist
ArtCharolyn Kapplinger, John Diebel, Sandra Forslund, Ed Madrid
MusicLarry Phenow
Sound EffectsLarry Phenow
WritingJohn Hickman
ProgrammingJulie Redland, Susan M. Gabrys, Mark Hanson, Al Lathrop, John Ojanen, Randy Rasmussen, James Thompson, Jeff White
TestingBrian Anderson, Glen Anderson, Nursen Bilge, Todd George, Ron Helwig, Mark Larson, Josef Ling, Barry Mansur, Dan Megears, Sue Minor, Mark Schneider, Dawn Wichmann, LaDonna Williams
ResearchSue Thomas
VoiceClaudia Moreira Ciesynski

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