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Atmosfear: The Third Dimension (Windows 3.x)

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Atmosfear: The Third Dimension Credits

ATMOSFEAR™ 'The Third Dimension'

The Gate KeeperWenanty Nosul
Original Concept and Design byA Couple 'A Cowboys Pty Limited
Production and creation byA Couple 'A Cowboys Pty Limited
Creative DirectorBrett Clements
Executive ProducerPhillip Tanner

A Couple 'A Cowboys - Graphic Artists And Design Team

Chief IllustratorRichard McKenna
Graphic ArtistsCarmen Delprat, Daniel Burns
Photoshop ArtistsThomas Prochazka, Alyssa McBain
Financial DirectorLyn McPhee
AccountsMaria Hopcroft
LegalsJulian McVittie
Production ManagerClaudia Boland
Creative AssistantsEmma Jacobs, Barbara Cooper
MarketingChris Simon
Production AssistantsAndrew McPhee, Jason Burns

A Couple 'A Cowboys - Film Production Crew

DOP/GafferSam Bienstock
CameramanFrank Biffone
AudioMark Tanner
AutocueChristine Halloran
Make‑Up/ProstheticsBob McCarron, Marilyn McPherson
StudioFilm Australia
MusicTwilight Music Productions, Murray Burns, Colin Bayley
CD MixTurtle Rock Productions
Mastered byRick O'Neil (at APOCALYPSE)

Video Post Production

VisualsRoy Andrews, Jim Stewart, Eddie Heuppauf, Scott Rowan, Harry Allen, Phil Lamont
AudioMike Kent
TrannysMack Brierley
ArtistsTim Whitely, Phillip Whitely
T&S Lightbox ‑ UKNick Bowman

EMG Publishing

Design TeamDug Barthram, Emma Killilea, Andrew Hooley, Clive Shepherd
Executive ProducerAndrew Hooley
ProducerEmma Killilea
Programming Team LeaderDug Barthram
ProgrammersDug Barthram, Gareth Jones, Henry Jaremko, Guy Blair
3D Graveyard DesignersMichael Wright, Nico Nicolau, Dana Church
3D AnimatorMichael Wright
Assistant 3D AnimatorAlan Wood
Greatest Fears AnimatorSteve Wilding
2D lead Graphic ArtistsChris Barrick, Kate Reditt
2D Graphic ArtistsSimon Dagnall, Thomas Jackson, Christopher Lenthall, Andrew Newman
2D AnimationChris Barrick, Kate Reditt
Video EditorsChris Barrick, Kate Reditt
Audio ResearchChris Barrick, Paul James, Gavin Shepherd
Audio EngineersPaul James, Gavin Shepherd
Head TesterIan Jebson
Production AssistantsNicola Lighton, Erika Edwards, David Chidley
Many Thanks ToEMG Systems Department, Steven Southwell, Guy Jenkins, Anna Stoneman, Andrew Blissett, Adrian Day, Andrew Bayton-Power

Roadshow Entertainment Pty Ltd.

CEOMilt Barlow
International MarketingJean Russell, Tiffany Downing, Vanessa Rigley
Print ProductionMarea Getsios
For Roadshow Entertainment (U.S.A.) Inc.Neil Roberts

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