Exile III: Ruined World Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

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Windows 3.x version

Main menu screen (unregistered shareware).
There's an animated intro that narrates the background story of the previous chapters.
Party generation screen. You can choose to keep the prefabricated party or to edit it to your own taste.
There are three races to choose from: human, Nephilim (cat people) and Slithzerikai (lizard men). Special advantages and disadvantages can also be adjusted for each character.
Notes such like this provide useful hints throughout the game. Here you need to pick up equipment and get directions from the quest giving NPC.
A storeroom with the player characters' gear. More items can be stored here later.
Using the overhead map of the current area.
This nice gentleman will identify newly found items for a small fee.
The game will warn you if you're trying to pick someone else's stuff. You can still try doing that but the NPCs aren't going to be happy about it.
To talk to NPCs, you need to single out potential keywords from what they say and type them to get relevant information.
You can read books to get some background information on the lore of the game world.
The main quest starts as your party is sent to the surface on a reconnaissance mission.
The world on the surface sure looks all bright and colourful.
One of the many special encounters you might run into on the surface.
Casting a spell during combat.
An inn that was built near a crossroads. Not every visitor is willing to talk, but some of them might give side quests.
Once a character has levelled up, the skill points can be spent on upgrading the stats. However, you need to find a trainer first, and training costs money too.
Fighting a large group of troglodytes.
If an NPC says something apparently important, that message can be recorded in the conversation journal to be viewed later.
One of the many towns of the Empire.
Buying weapons.
There's a database of all monsters encountered by the player's party. However, you need to use the Scry Monster spell during combat to add descriptions of new monsters.
Character stats screen.
Version information screen.