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This game looks and sounds great, and it's just plain fun. Sierra has added another winner to their strong lineup of sports simulations. Unfortunately, they released this one a couple of months too soon. Let's just hope we don't have to pay for Baseball '97 to get the problems fixed. If you're looking for a quality baseball simulation, and aren't concerned with realistic stats, this is definitely worth looking at. The spectacular graphics, multiple levels of control and rich career-mode play make this game stand out ahead of the competition. Only a buggy initial release and steep hardware requirements keep this one from hitting a home run.
In a time when game designers release so many titles utterly lacking in inspiration or imagination, it's painful to have to criticize Sierra heavily for a title that promised so much. But despite the designers' noblest intentions, the bottom line is this: As released, by Sierra, this product is nothing short of a bug-ridden disaster. Sure, with patches the game may eventually prove to be great, but why should gamers have to put up with that? We don' need to stinkin' patches. After shelling out $45 for a baseball simulation, is it asking too much to able to play it out of the box without suffering through atrocities as a one-game World Series? Say it ain't so, Sierra.