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Full Tilt! Pinball (Windows 3.x)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Full Tilt! Pinball Credits

The Cinematronics Team

ProgrammersMichael Sandige, John Taylor
ArtistsJohn Frantz Jr. (Space Cadet / Skulduggery /Dragon’s Keep), Ryan Medeiros (Space Cadet)
DesignKevin Gliner
Design ConsultantsMark Weston Sprenger, Keith P. Johnson, Michael Kelley, Daniel Roth, Mitchell Roth
Sound EffectsMatt Ridgeway (Space Cadet / Skulduggery / Dragon's Keep), Donald S. Griffin (Space Cadet)
MusicMatt Ridgeway
VoicesMike McGeary, William Rice
ProducerKevin Gliner
Pinball Tips and HistoryKeith P. Johnson
Grand PoobahDavid Stafford
Special Thanks ToPaula Sandige, Alex St. John, Jeff Camp, Brad Silverberg, Greg Hospelhorn, Danny Thorpe, Keith P. Johnson, Sean Grant, Bob McAnn, Michael Kelley, Rob Rosenhouse, Lisa Acton, Daniel Roth, Mitchell Roth

The Maxis Team

ProducerJohn Csicsery
Product ManagerLarry Lee
Lead TesterMichael H. Gilmartin, Scott Shicoff
Testing ManagerAlan Barton
Additional TestingJoe Longworth, Scott Shicoff, Cathy Castro, John Ylinen (''Jussi''), John Landes, Marc Meyer, Keith Meyer, Owen Nelson, Rick Acquistapace, Robin Hines, Freddie Limjoco, Myka Macaraeg, Charlie Dragics, Shannon Dawes, Brian Smith, Nolan Erck, Peter Saylor, Michael H. Gilmartin
ArtworkOcean Quigley (Lead Artist / intro animation / Space Cadet back glass), Broderick Macaraeg (Dragon's Keep back glass and surface art), Charlie Aquilina (Skulduggery back glass and surface art)
Art DirectorSharon Barr
Full Tilt! Theme MusicBrian Conrad, John Csicsery (guitar)
Printed and On‑line DocumentationMichael Bremer, Bob Sombrio
Documentation Design and LayoutDavid Caggiano
Special Thanks ToJeff Braun, Will Wright (''Burr''), Sam Poole, Bob Derber, Joe Scirica, Tom Forge, Ashley Csicsery

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (12652)