Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Credits

Gabriel Knight Development Team

Game DesignerJane Jensen
ProducerRobert Holmes
DirectorJane Jensen
Lead ProgrammerTom DeSalvo
Background and Illustration DirectorJohn Shroades
Animation DirectorMichael Hutchison
ComposerRobert Holmes
ProgrammersBob Andrews, Sean Mooney, Greg Tomko-Pavia, Jerry Shaw
Backgrounds and IllustrationsDarlou Gams, John Shroades, Christopher Willis, Deanna Yhalkee
AnimationMichael Hutchison, Christopher Willis, Deanna Yhalkee, Darlou Gams, John Shroades
Text and DialogueJane Jensen, Bridget McKenna
Lead QAJudy Crites
Quality AssuranceJudy Crites, Matthew Genesi, John Ratcliffe
Audio EngineersRichard Spurgeon, Kelli Spurgeon
Graphic ArtsNathan Gams

Hollywood Voice Production

Voice DirectorStuart M. Rosen
Associate ProducerJohn E. Grayson
Featuring the voices ofTim Curry (as Gabriel Knight), Mark Hamill (as Detective Mosely), Leah Remini (as Grace Nakimura), Virginia Capers (as Narrator), Michael Dorn (as Dr. John), Leilani Jones (as Malia Gedde), Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (as Wolfgang), Rocky Carroll (as Willy Walker), Susan Silo (as Cazaunoux), Chris Lytton (as Crash), Jim Cummings (as Desk Sargeant), Mary Kay Bergman (as Gerde), Linda Gary (as Grandma Knight), Monte Markham (as Hartridge), Nancy Lenehan (as Magentia Moonbeam), Monte Markham (as Bartender Stonewall King), Dorian Harewood (as Watchman Toussaint Gervais)

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Credits for this game were contributed by chirinea (43837)