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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (Windows 3.x)

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Day 6Contributed by *Katakis* (37740) on Jul 12, 2005.

"And then the night became as day, I glimpsed nature's reddest claw!
And the face of fear looked back at me, as I gazed into the maw..."

And so begins Day 6, and Grace does her usual routine of hitch-hiking to work, picking up the newspaper, entering St George's, and turning the lights on. What the...? A dead rooster is on the floor surrounded by a symbol. Grace starts to freak out and refuses to start work until the mess is cleaned up. Gabriel will come out of his studio and tells Grace to get some coffee while he cleans up. Before she leaves, Grace tells him that the Voodoo murderers know where Gabriel lives, and Gabriel reassures her that everything will be alright. But from this point on, your investigation gets more intense.

First, get the rada drum book from Grace and, once again, read the newspaper. Get the envelope that was slipped through the mail slot, then open it to find a letter. Read it, then use Crash's tattoo tracing on Grace. The two of you will go in the back. Gabriel will ask her to paint the tattoo onto his chest, but she refuses. When the list of dialogue choices come up, respond with “Costume Party”, followed by “if you're jealous...” After having the tattoo painted on your chest, leave the book store and go to Jackson Square.

Go to the southeast quadrant and talk to the beignet vendor. When the list of choices come up, say the following:

  • Haven't I seen you before?
  • Royal and Conti.
  • Why don't you go back there?
  • I think you should.

Now leave Jackson Square and go to the PD. Shortly, the beignet vendor will show up outside, and Sergeant Frick and Officer Franks both head outside to get beignets. While they are gone, quickly go into the back and enter Mosely's office. If Frick goes back inside before you could enter the office, wait for Frick to doze off at his desk, then enter Mosely's office.

Warning: If you have a fast computer (greater than P166) you may have trouble going to Mosely's office. Frick will not last five seconds outside before he returns to his desk, nor will he doze off completely. The way to fix this is by disabling the L2 cache in BIOS. If there is no such switch available, download a version of DOSBox (a DOS emulator that deals with timing-related issues. DOSBox is available here.

Once in Mosely's office, open the desk drawer and grab the track that you find sitting inside. (It comes complete with two signal devices.) Leave the station and travel to Jackson Square, where you need to go to the northeast quadrant. Use the rada drum book on the drummer. When the book appears, select “call conclave” on the first page, “tonight” on the second page, and “swamp” on the third. The finished message will now read “call conclave, tonight, swamp”, and will only be broadcast to voodoo fanatics who can understand rada code. Now leave Jackson Square and head to the voodoo museum.

Inside the museum, use either signal device on the small coffin (the “sekey madoule” discussed at the voodoo lecture) that's sitting on the table near the door. Leave the museum. On the map, travel to Bayou St. John (click on the Greater New Orleans map, and again on the tree).

Turn on the tracker by clicking it on yourself, and follow the signal through the swamp by going in the direction that it is pointing (eg: if the signal is facing east, then walk east. If it is pointing south, walk east, etc.) Eventually, you will see light emerging from the east. Wear the Willy Jr. mask and enter. Dr. John greets you and asks you two questions. To pass his test, answer “Damballah” (the snake) followed by “Ogoun Badagris” (destroyer of men). Now sit back, and watch the conclave.

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